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<br />TR9PPBR DINING INC. <br />May 4, 1987 <br />CERTIFIED P577401550 <br />Mr. Gregg Squire <br />Colorado Mined Land Reclamation Division <br />423 Centennial Building <br />1313 Sherman Street <br />Denver, CO 80203 <br />Dear Gregg: <br />Subject: Minor Revision MR48, File No. C-81-010. <br />Developmental drill hole reclamation on cropland areas. <br />Section 3.3.2 of Trapper Mine's mining and reclamation permit describes the <br />procedures used to reclaim developmental drill holes at Trapper Mine. These <br />procedures are for rangeland areas but are not practical for holes drilled on <br />cropland areas. The steel or wooden post placed in the cement plug would <br />impede safe and efficient farming practices. <br />Attached are revised permit page 3-25 and new Figure 3~-la that describe pro- <br />cedures for reclaiming developmental drill holes on cropland areas. Please <br />contact me if you need further information concerning this revision. <br />Best regards, <br />~~i <br />H. Bruce Humphries <br />Sr. Environmental Engineer <br />LWH/jb <br />Enclosure <br />pc R.L. Ran yo, WDB&T <br />L.W. Henderson <br />file (2) <br />P.O. Box 187 <br />Craig, Colorado 81626 <br />(303) 824-4401 <br />sc a.. <br />