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• ~ III IIIIIIIIIIIIIIII <br />STATE, OF COLOIv1L~9y <br />Roy Romer, Govei <br />DEPARTMENT OFNATURAL RESOURCES <br />MINED LAND RECLAMATION DIVISION <br />DAVID C. SH ELTON, Dlreetor <br />MINING PERMIT -COAL <br />MINOR REYISION DECISION FORM <br />The Mined Land Reclamation Division, Department of Natural Resources, State of <br />Colorado has proposed the decision stated below. <br />Permit No.: C-81-010 Minor Revision No.: 48 <br />Submittal Date: May 08, 1987 Decision Date: May 18, 1987 <br />Revision Decision Type: Approved <br />Minel: Trapper Mine <br />Permittee: Trapper Mining, Inc. <br />Description of Revision: Drill Hole Abandonment Procedures for Cropland Areas <br />Change in Bond Amount (+/-) Q S <br />Area Changes <br />Disturbed Area (+/-) .0 Ac. Max. Disturbed Area (+/-) .0 Ac. <br />Affected Area (+/-) .0 Ac. Permit Area (+/-) .0 Ac. <br />Federal Land (+/-) Ac. State Land (+/-) Ac. Private Land (+/-) Ac. <br />Revised Application Pages .~ Revised Maps <br />PERMITTEE2 MINED LAND RECLAMATION DIVISION <br />CO~Rfl 0 DE RT ENT OF NATURAL RESOURCES <br />/ i <br />Aut ortze epresentattve (/ rtz~ s ntattve <br />DATE: DATE: '~/ <br />Stipulations Attached Yes No XX <br />lIf this action pertains to a federal mine (coal or surface ownership) the <br />permittee must send seven copies of the approved minor revision to the Office <br />of Surface Mining. <br />2Signature is required if stipulations are attached. <br />8/86 <br />3355G <br />423 Centennial Building, 1313 Sherman Street Denver, Colorado 80203-2273 Tel. (303) 866-3567 <br />