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BOARD POLICY NO. 2004-01 <br />Revoked, Scroll for additional info <br />Continuing Education <br />Coordination with CWWCA and General Implementation <br />INTRODUCTION: <br />Senate Bill 03-045 established continuing education requirements for well construction <br />and pump installation license renewal. The Board of Examiners and Colorado Water <br />Well Contractors Association considers continuing education an important component of <br />the profession's protection of the groundwater resources and public health of Colorado. <br />Even in this long-standing profession, technology, methods and procedures have <br />evolved rapidly over the last 10 —15 years. Thus, it is imperative that the contractors <br />accessing our most valuable and limited resource have the latest knowledge to protect <br />this state's groundwater and the public health of its citizens. Continuing education <br />provides the foundation for this knowledge. The continuing education program enacted <br />will be developed through a partnership between the Board of Examiners and CWWCA. <br />DISCUSSION: <br />The Board of Examiner's Rules, dated June 2004, established rules for implementing <br />37-91-105 (7) and 37-91-107(4), C.R.S. (2003). The statute requires eight (8) hours of <br />Board of Examiner's approved continuing education to maintain or renew a license and <br />thus, requires the development of BOE principles and criteria for approving continuing <br />education training. The BOE must determine the level of documentation required for <br />compliance with licensing renewal. The statute requires that a certificate of completion <br />of continuing education be filed annually for license renewal and maintenance. This <br />requires annual compliance with all applicable statutory and rule provisions for multiple <br />year license renewal. <br />The CWWCA has provided documentation sufficient to meet the statutory requirement <br />for coordination of the continuing education program; including correspondence, <br />participation in a Board of Examiner's workshop, and regularly scheduled meetings of <br />the Board of Examiners. The CWWCA has also participated in the development and <br />review of this Policy. <br />This policy is based on the Board of Examiner Rules effective June 2004. However, <br />the licensed contractors would be required to meet the continuing education <br />requirements for the January 2006 license renewal. This allows for the licensed <br />contractor to accumulate the required hours of continuing education from June 2004 <br />