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STATE OF COLORADO <br />BOARD OF EXAMINERS OF WATER WELL CONSTRUCTION AND POMP INSTALLATION CONTRACTORS <br />Division of Water Resources <br />1313 Sherman Street, Room 818 <br />Denver, CO 80203 <br />Phone (303) 866-3581 ; r87s Y <br />FAX (303) 866-3589 BOARD POLICY NO. 2003-1 <br />Bill Owens <br /> Revoked, Scroll for additional info Governor <br />Written Examination on the Statutes Greg E. Walcher <br />and Water Well Construction Rules Executive Director, DNR <br />Hal D. Simpson, RE <br />PROBLEM: secretary <br />As part of the licensing requirements set forth in section 37-91-105, C.R.S., the Board of Examiners <br />is required to administer a written and oral examination to determine an applicant's professional <br />competence for the license requested. Section 37-91-105(5), C.R.S., identifies specific parameters <br />to be included in the examination, including an evaluation of the applicant's "knowledge and <br />application of state laws and local ordinances concerning the construction of wells or the <br />installation of pumping equipment, or both, and rules promulgated in connection therewith." The <br />Board determined that, to fulfill its statutory responsibility, a written examination on the provisions <br />of applicable statutes and the Water Well Construction Rules, 2 CCR 402-2, was needed to <br />adequately assess an applicant's knowledge of the statutes/rules and their incorporated construction <br />standards. <br />DISCUSSION: <br />As part of the licensing process, the Board of Examiners compiled a written examination <br />(hereinafter "Statute/Rules Exam") that tests an examinee's knowledge of Colorado law pertaining <br />to well construction and pump installation and the Water Well Construction Rules, 2 CCR 402-2. <br />This Board policy incorporates the Statute/Rules Exam into the Board's existing process of <br />application and examination and establishes who must take the exam and when it can be taken or <br />retaken. <br />POLICY: <br />To address the need to administer an examination that more fully assesses the knowledge of an <br />applicant for licensure with respect to Colorado law and the Water Well Construction Rules and to <br />provide for the implementation of the examination within the current application and testing <br />process, the Board hereby adopts the following policy: <br />All applicants for a new well construction and/or pump installation license, a special license, <br />or a different method of well construction and/or pump installation must take the <br />Statutes/Rules Exam. This includes currently licensed contractors who apply for a license in <br />a different method of well construction and/or pump installation or for a special license who <br />have not taken the Statute/Rules Exam. However, once any licensed contractor has taken <br />the Statutes/Rules Exam, he/she need not take it again if he/she applies for a license for an <br />additional method of well construction and/or pump installation, unless the Statutes/Rules <br />Exam has been revised due to changes in the statutes or Rules since the licensed contractor <br />took the Statutes/Rules Exam. Where the Board has suspended a license, the Board may <br />require the licensee to pass the Statues/Rules Exam as a condition of reinstatement of <br />suspended license. <br />TIMOTHY L. DECKER, Montrose; H. RAY NEWMYER, Mosca; GLENN CLEMENT, Greeley <br />