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Revoked, Scroll for additional info <br />RESOLUTION NO. 90-1 <br />Whereas, the State Board of Examiners of Water Well Construction and Pump Installation <br />Contractors held an open public meeting on December 4, 1990 at 1313 Sherman Street, Room 818, <br />Denver, Colorado; and <br />Whereas, the staff of the Division of Water Resources, did file a request for an exception to <br />the Water Well Construction and Pump Installation Rules with the Board, said request filed on or <br />about July 31, 1990, for the purpose of providing an exception to Rule 17 concerning variances and <br />a general variance to certain construction rules for gravel pit wells. <br />Whereas the State Engineer has reviewed the request and has recommended approval of an <br />exception to provide a general variance and not individual written requests under the following <br />conditions: <br />1. Written requests for variances, as required by Rule 17, for gravel pit well <br />construction shall not be required when such structure is permitted by the <br />Colorado Ground Water Commission under the provisions of Section 37-90- <br />107(6) and the State Engineer under the provisions of Section 37-90- <br />137(11), C.R.S. only; and <br />2. The provision of the Minimum Construction Standards in Rule 10 shall be <br />waived for gravel pit wells except for Rules 10.1 and 10.2.1 regarding <br />aquifer contaminates. The owner of the gravel pit well shall take necessary <br />means and precautions to prevent contaminates from entering the gravel pit <br />well. <br />3. No pumping equipment shall be installed in the gravel pit well, unless a <br />separate written request for a variance has been approved by the Board. <br />4. Water will not be used for human consumption. <br />5. Rule 16 regarding disinfection standards shall be waived. <br />6. Rules 15.1.1 and 15.2 regarding well construction reports shall be waived, <br />but after initiation of excavation, the owner shall submit plan and cross- <br />section drawings, on 8 1/2" by 11" paper, showing the extent of intended <br />excavation, maximum depth of the pit, and the initial static water level. <br />NOW THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED THAT, <br />the request of the staff for an exception to the Water Well Construction and Pump Installation Rules <br />as recommended by the State Engineer, is hereby approved. <br />Moved, seconded and passed this 4th day of December, 1990. <br />BOARD OF EXAMINERS OF WATER <br />WELL CONSTRUCTION AND PUMP <br />INSTALLATION CONTRACTORS <br />By �j 'Iii <br />Ch " an <br />3A <br />