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Colorado Division of Water Resources <br />912312015 <br />RESPONSE AREA SUMMARY PACKAGE <br />RESPONSEAREA NO.1 <br />Table of Contents <br />Figure 1 Response Area No. 1, Stream Reaches with Response Functions - This figure shows the <br />stream reaches for which Response Functions were calibrated. For Response Area No. 1 <br />there are three stream reaches with Response Functions: <br />1. Rio Grande Del Norte to Excelsior Ditch <br />2. Rio Grande Excelsior Ditch to Chicago Ditch <br />3. Rio Grande Chicago Ditch to the State Line <br />Table 1a Estimated Historical and Current Year Net Stream Depletions from Groundwater <br />Withdrawals in Response Area No. 1 (acre-feet) - This table provides a summary of <br />Response Area No. 1's groundwater withdrawal impacts to streams using Response <br />Functions calibrated to the RGDSS Groundwater Model for the time frame of 2001 <br />through 2015. For illustrative purposes, groundwater withdrawal was discontinued <br />after 2015 and the Response Functions were applied to estimate post plan depletions. <br />Net Groundwater Consumptive Use is defined as the groundwater consumed by the <br />operations of one or more wells and represents the difference between groundwater <br />withdrawals less any return flow to the hydrogeologic system. <br />Table 1b Estimated Post Plan Net Stream Depletions from Groundwater Withdrawals in <br />Response Area No. 1 (acre-feet) <br />Figure 2 2001-2015 Estimated Net Stream Depletions and Post 2015 Projected Net Stream <br />Depletions from Groundwater Withdrawals - The stacked graph shows the combination <br />of Table 1a (historical and current year depletions) and Table 1b (post -plan depletions). <br />Table 2 Monthly Net Stream Depletions for 2015 Plan Year in Response Area No. 1 (acre-feet) - <br />This table provides the monthly distribution of Net Stream Depletions for the 2015 Plan <br />Year. <br />Response Area No. 1 Page 1 <br />