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Colorado Division of Water Resources 912312015 <br />Groundwater / <br />S a g u a c h e <br />Model Boundary <br />C o u n t y <br />(Active Cells) <br />285 <br />Center <br />Response Area Hoop <br />No. 1 <br />17 <br />De Norte <br />Rio Grande Alamosa <br />ou my County Mosca <br />Rio Grande <br />Del Norte -Excelsior <br />onte Vist Ri Gin e <br />160 i <br />Rio Grande <br />Excelsior -Chita o <br />� Alamos <br />i <br />i <br />180 <br />370 <br />e <br />Rio Grande <br />Chicago-Stateline <br />Cona'0S <br />County <br />C o s t i I I <br />286 <br />County <br />Capulin <br />La Jars <br />San ord <br />A, <br />0 <br />Rome Manassa <br />- ,J <br />14 <br />7 <br />e onejos <br />Antonito <br />Note: dark and light blue lines used <br />to highlight individual stream reaches <br />285 <br />AVA <br />a r o Figure 1. Response Area No. 1 <br />C O L O R Water Resources Stream Reaches with Response Functions <br />Division of W <br />)e eltmvil o(NELurB'ResonrWs <br />Response Area No. 1 Page 2 <br />