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37-67-101. Ratification, purpose, and articles of compact. <br />The general assembly hereby ratifies the compact between the states of Colorado, <br />Kansas, and Nebraska, designated as the "Republican River Compact", signed in the city <br />of Lincoln, state of Nebraska, on the 31 st day of December, A. D. 1942, by M. C. <br />Hinderlider, commissioner for the state of Colorado; George S. Knapp, commissioner for <br />the state of Kansas; Wardner G. Scott, commissioner for the state of Nebraska, which <br />said compact is as follows: <br />Republican River Compact <br />The states of Colorado, Kansas, and Nebraska, parties signatory to this compact <br />(hereinafter referred to as Colorado, Kansas, and Nebraska, respectively, or individually <br />as a state, or collectively as the states), having resolved to conclude a compact with <br />respect to the waters of the Republican River Basin, and being duly authorized therefor <br />by the Act of the Congress of the United States of America, approved August 4, 1942, <br />(Public No. 696, 77th Congress, chapter 545, 2nd Session) and pursuant to acts of their <br />respective legislatures have, through their respective governors, appointed as their <br />commissioners: <br />M. C. Hinderlider, for Colorado <br />George S. Knapp, for Kansas <br />Wardner G. Scott, for Nebraska <br />who, after negotiations participated in by Glenn L. Parker, appointed by the President <br />as the representative of the United States of America, have agreed upon the following <br />articles: <br />Article I <br />The major purposes of this compact are to provide for the most efficient use of the <br />waters of the Republican River Basin (hereinafter referred to as the 'Basin") for multiple <br />purposes; to provide for an equitable division of such waters; to remove all causes, <br />present and future, which might lead to controversies; to promote interstate comity; to <br />recognize that the most efficient utilization of the waters within the Basin is for beneficial <br />consumptive use; and to promote joint action by the states and the United States in the <br />efficient use of water and the control of destructive floods. <br />The physical and other conditions peculiar to the Basin constitute the basis for this <br />compact, and none of the states hereby, nor the Congress of the United States by its <br />consent, concedes that this compact establishes any general principle or precedent with <br />respect to any other interstate stream. <br />Article II <br />