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The Basin is all the area in Colorado, Kansas, and Nebraska, which is naturally <br />drained by the Republican River, and its tributaries, to its junction with the Smoky Hill <br />River in Kansas. The main stem of the Republican River extends from the junction near <br />Haigler, Nebraska, of its North Fork and the Arikaree River, to its junction with Smoky <br />Hill River near Junction City, Kansas. Frenchman Creek (River) in Nebraska is a <br />continuation of Frenchman Creek (River) in Colorado. Red Willow Creek in Colorado is <br />not identical with the stream having the same name in Nebraska. A map of the Basin <br />approved by the commissioners is attached and made a part hereof. <br />The term "Acre-foot," as herein used, is the quantity of water required to cover an <br />acre to the depth of one foot and is equivalent to forty-three thousand, five hundred sixty <br />(43,560) cubic feet. <br />The term "Virgin Water Supply," as herein used, is defined to be the water supply <br />within the Basin undepleted by the activities of man. <br />The term 'Beneficial Consumptive Use" is herein defined to be that use by which the <br />water supply of the Basin is consumed through the activities of man, and shall include <br />water consumed by evaporation from any reservoir, canal, ditch, or irrigated area. <br />Beneficial consumptive use is the basis and principle upon which the allocations of <br />water hereinafter made are predicated. <br />Article III <br />The specific allocations in acre-feet hereinafter made to each state are derived from <br />the computed average annual virgin water supply originating in the following designated <br />drainage basins, or parts thereof, in the amounts shown: <br />North Fork of the Republican River drainage basin in Colorado, 44,700 acre-feet; <br />Arikaree River drainage basin, 19,610 acre-feet; <br />Buffalo Creek drainage basin, 7,890 acre-feet; <br />Rock Creek drainage basin, 11,000 acre-feet; <br />South Fork of the Republican River drainage basin, 57,200 acre-feet; <br />Frenchman Creek (River) drainage basin in Nebraska, 98,500 acre-feet; <br />Blackwood Creek drainage basin, 6,800 acre-feet; <br />Driftwood Creek drainage basin, 7,300 acre-feet; <br />Red Willow Creek drainage basin in Nebraska, 21,900 acre-feet; <br />