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RGDSS Memorandum <br />Final <br />To: Ray Bennett, Ray Alvarado, Andy Moore <br />From: LRCWE, Erin Wilson <br />Subject: Rio Grande Consumptive Uses and Losses Summary - <br />Other (non-agricultural) Uses Procedures Memo <br />Date: October 29, 2000 <br />Introduction <br />This memorandum describes the approach and results obtained for the development of <br />other (non-agricultural) use estimates as part of preparing a Consumptive Uses and <br />Losses Summary (CU and Losses Summary). Other (non-agricultural) consumptive uses <br />and losses include: <br />• Livestock Consumptive Use <br />• Reservoir and Stockpond Evaporation <br />• Municipal Consumptive Use <br />• Mineral Resources Use <br />• Thermal-electric Power Generation Use <br />• Exports <br />• Fish and Wildlife <br />• Recreational <br />The procedures outlined in this memorandum provide appropriate detail for: <br />1. Collecting required information from the various sources. <br />2. Preparing the data for use in StateCU. <br />The procedures outlined in this memorandum can be used to periodically update the other <br />uses input data for the Consumptive Uses and Losses Summary. <br />Approach -Data Collection and Preparation <br />Table 1 shows the other use categories and the sources of the input data used to populate <br />Hydrobase and generate the required input files for StateCU. The input data for each use <br />category were combined into one file for the Rio Grande Basin. The base name for the <br />input file is rgdss.oth. <br />C:\Documents and Settings\ckf.DWR\My Documents\AppendA_culoss.doc Septemb~rl2o'~ ~OQ9 <br />