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<br />~ -="-'.J <br /> <br />U <br />F I LEO-e <br />III.OfflCr cr 1'!iJ,.1Wrm ~ <br />ni,j':;O:l i'iu. :; <br /> <br />AUG 1 41972 <br />STATE 0:; C:C~.oRADO <br /> <br />~,i~il'j::iiEii" <br /> <br />.- <br /> <br />CEt1.1R~l nus · <br /> <br />! <br />'- <br /> <br />I!'! T::r: m~TR!CT COUn.T P: JI'::D <br /> <br />F0R :?".':rr:? DP.rI~I();: j:(). S <br /> <br />! F 11_ E D I <br />'! iN \V A'TEl{ CO~~T <br />Division No. :) <br />, <br />l AUGi 41972 <br />I'=~~~:~:~~:?~~~ <br /> <br />ay OEPUTY <br /> <br />~TP.'l'E OF COlf)P2\DO <br /> <br />r'!",;llici'ltion ~Jo. N-5A2 <br /> <br />IN THE MATTER OF THE APpr~IC1\TI()~; <br />r--nR T-;]\T:r.~ RIG!!TS or T1!F. C()Rf'OT'j''I.';'I(l!' <br />OF '!'I!P. ROC!~Y M()tlJ:T~nl r:!0T,(y::!r.ror" <br />I.l\.r.()~.'\TOnY '!\T COTI!IC, ,. coprOrJ'.'!'IO!~ <br />I!T T!'F. CRYf',TJ\L !uvr.n t!-~ CW';:Ison <br />COur:TY <br /> <br />RUT ,ING OF <br />---- <br />REFEPS:F: <br />-- <br /> <br />The above cntitlp.n r.'.:ltter hGlvinc;: been rc:ferrN1 to th~ un( Ll~ tt'!l?/-?-i26'2?20' <br /><{}, -r ~ <br />":- 12 -?:l <br />~'!nt~:r. P..cfcree for HClter f)ivi~ion Tlo. 51 State of ColoriH1o, by the ~,lu.ter Juc'!g n(:,'- SEP19 '~ <br /> <br />'" RECEIVED ::: <br />of said Court on the 28th cay of JI.!'ri.J.* 1972, in accordance with l'.rticlc 21 ~ WATm RESOU.~~ES 2:1 <br />~ sTAlE U~G\t.~ijR_~ <br /> <br />Chapter l<1B, Colorado r:c:vised Stntute.c 1903, as i'lT:lenclec1 (Chapter 373 S.L. Colc,S}~ CO\.O. \.-"J'? <br />:rl"21ltO~&'i) <br /> <br />1')01)), lmO\m ns The ~'!i1ter Rights Detcmination and ]I,drdni.ctrC'ltion l.ct of 19G~. <br /> <br />And the undcrsigneu Refp.ree hil.ving F.Jade such investigations as are <br /> <br />necessary to r.eterF.\ine whethl:!r or "ot the statements in the application are <br /> <br />and havinq become fully advised \'li t~espect to' the subject matter of the <br /> <br />true <br /> <br />application does hereby maJ~e the follo\,ring determination und ruling as the <br /> <br />Referee in this motter, to-wit: <br /> <br />1. ~le statements in the application arc true. <br /> <br />2. The name of the structure is Galena Lake. <br /> <br />3. The name of claimant ann. address is: The Corporation of the r.ocky <br />Hountain Biological Lilboratory at .Gothic, a Corporation, P. O. <br />Box 179, Gunnison, Colorado 81230. <br /> <br /><1. The source of the \v'ater is snO\1 melt, underground sprinC]s .:nd surface <br />drainage. '. <br /> <br />5. Galena Lal~e is located in an unsurveyed area on the East slope of <br />Galena Mountain in the drainuge of the south Fork of the C~Jstal River, <br />Hithin the boundaries of t-!Q'.'l York Lode, Survey No. 14160, Puritan <br />Lode No. 12, Survey No. 20325, Clinay. Lode, Survey iTa. 203P.<1, Lool:out <br />Lode, Survey rIo. 20384, at u point \V"hcmce Corner No.3 of PL:ritun <br />Lode r:o. 12, Survey rio. 20325, bears S. 210.10' E. 28G.73 feet. <br /> <br />6. The use of the \v'ater is piscatorial, biological ~c"curch and tCi1chin9, <br />lIilcUife procreation and' natural hl"!ritil')e preservation. <br /> <br />7. The date of initiation of u.ppropriation is ..ruly 1. 1032. <br /> <br />n. The total capacity of reservoir is 119.69 acre ~ect. <br /> <br />~. This is a natur<tl pond havinCJ only natur.a] inlets R;nd outlets. <br /> <br />Jr). 'J'he \li'lt~i h;"ll'; hr.-en in t~~;p. r(~r: th('! .,h0VP. ~llrposes .d.nce Jll1:' 1. 1~32. <br /> <br />11. Thi~ if; (t non-consur~ntivc use ('If tI'ltcr. <br />