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<br />-~~ _1lI~ <br /> <br />/ <br /> <br />,/ <br /> <br />" <br /> <br />\.:..-' <br /> <br />., <br /> <br />. <br /> <br />:~--.J <br /> <br />Tl~c ::'efcrce does therefore conclude that the above entitlc:d <br /> <br />'''';-,:'1 tc,'ti,on shoulc~ h,= granted and that 119.(;1) acre feet of wntor is <br /> <br />il';l,:ln,c(1 to Gnlcna Lal:e for piscatorial, biological research and teaching, <br /> <br />wildlife procreation and natural heritage prc~ervation use~, \.1ith <br /> <br />uppropriation date of the 1st day of July, 1932; absolutely and unconclition-' <br /> <br />ally; ~ubject, however, to all earlier priority rights of others and to <br /> <br />the integration and tabulation by the Divisio~ Engineer of -such priorities <br /> <br />and changes of rights in accordance with law as may be determined in pending <br /> <br />supplenental general adjudication proceeding~. <br /> <br />It i~ accordingly OrDERED that this ruling shall be filed with the <br /> <br />l1ater Clerk and shall become effective upon such filing, subject to judici~l <br /> <br />review pursuant to Section 148-21-20 CRS 19fi3 as amended (1971). <br /> <br />It is further.OpnERED ~copy of this ruling shall be filed <br /> <br />with the appropriate Division Engineer and the State Engineer. <br /> <br />Done at the City of Glenwood Springs, Colorado, thiS~_~ <br /> <br />day Of~~~~~;<:---, 1972. <br /> <br />BY TI!E REFERRE: <br /> <br />llo'protest was tiled in this ~Att.~. <br />The'toregolng ruling 1s oonfirmed <br />and approved. and 1s made the <br />Judgment and Decree ot this Qourt. <br /> <br />),~O"~I W1V <br />Dated I..:::J.C:;-~ <br />. ' . 7f::. .-:d7J,~..y <br />0' Water Judga <br /> <br /> <br />. _:~---- <br />neferee <br />Division rJo. 5 <br />of Colorado <br />