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~~ , ~.~. <br />COLORADO WATER CONSERVATION BOARD <br />'~~ ~ r~ <br />I <br />r ~'u <br />WATER SUPPLY RESERVE ACCOUNT : ~~ ~~ <br />~ ~, ~~ <br />~- <br />2007-2008 GRANT APPLICATION FORM ~~~ ~ ~~~ ~~ ~ ~~~- <br />~ES~[~1FS ~ ~ ~ t~ ~ ~~ <br />Town of Walden Water Supply Improvement Project <br />North Platte River Basin <br />Name of Water ActivitylProject <br />$ 3 8 5, 0 0 0 x Basin Account <br />Statewide Account <br />River Basin Location <br />Amount of Funds Requested Please Check Applicable Box <br />Yes <br />No <br />Approval Letter Signed By <br />Roundtable Chair and <br />Description of Results of <br />Evaluation and Approval <br />Process <br />~ For the Basin Account, the Application Deadline is 6o Days Prior to the Bimonthly CWCB meeting. <br />The CWCB meetings are posted at and are generally the third week of the month. <br />~ For the Statewide Account, the Application Deadline is 6o Days Prior to the March and September <br />CWCB Board Meetings. <br />~ In completing the application you may attach additional sheets if the form does not provide adequate space. <br />If additional sheets are attached please be sure to reference the section number of the application that you are <br />addressing (i.e., A.l. etc.). <br />Instructions: This application form must be submitted in electronic format (Microsoft Word or <br />Original PDF are preferred). The application can be emailed or a disc can be mailed to the address at the <br />end of the application form. The Water Supply Reserve Account Criteria and Guidelines can be found at <br />httpa/ The criteria and guidelines should be reviewed and followed when <br />completing this application. You may attach additional sheets as necessary to fully answer any question, or <br />to provide additional information that you feel would be helpful in evaluating this application. Include with <br />your application a cover letter summarizing your request for a grant. If you have difficulty with any part of the <br />application, contact Rick Brown of the Intrastate Water Management and Development (Colorado Water <br />Conservation Board) for assistance, at (303) 866-3514 or email Rick at rick.brown(a~, <br />Generally, the applicant is also the prospective owner and sponsor of the proposed water activity. If this is not <br />the case, contact the Rick Brown before completing this application. <br />1 <br />