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COLORADO <br />e Division of Water Resources <br />DY partmcnt o`Naturci Resources <br />eoardofExaminersofWater welt Constructor; Revoked,S ll for additional info <br />and Purp Irstatlatitin Contractors <br />February 6, 2017 <br />POLICY 2017-1 <br />PERSONS AUTHORIZED TO COMPLETE AND SIGN <br />POST -CONSTRUCTION WELL INSPECTION REPORTS (GWS-68) <br />The Board of Examiners of Water Well Construction and Pump Installation Contractors recently enacted a new <br />rule, Rule 17.1.7, in the Well Construction Rules (Rules) (2 CCR 402-2, 9/1/2016). The rule introduces the <br />Post -Construction Well Inspection Report (GWS-68) and states who is authorized to sign the report. <br />Rule 17.1.7 Post -Construction Well Inspection Report - When a Well Construction and Yield <br />Estimate Report has not been submitted for a well constructed after May 8, 1972, the owner must <br />provide a Post -Construction Well Inspection Report. The Post -Construction Wet[ Inspection Report <br />must be signed by a well construction contractor or authorized individual. <br />DISCUSSION <br />The Post -Construction Well Inspection Report is used to verify the construction of an existing well for permitting <br />purposes. The report concerns the condition of the welt regarding only those aspects of the well that can be <br />discerned by a non-invasive inspection, including the location of the well, the condition of the surface <br />completion and surrounding area, and any other observations that can be noted regarding the construction of the <br />well and its condition. Given that no post -construction inspection of the well can affirmatively determine the <br />subsurface condition of the well, the individual cannot certify that the well is constructed to meet the standards <br />of the Rules and no liability should be assigned to the contractor inspecting this well regarding the well's <br />construction or the safety of water produced from it. <br />Rule 17.1.7 requires the signature from a well construction contractor or authorized individual as those terms are <br />defined by the Rules. The intent of the Rule was to authorize A licensed contractors, including licensed pump <br />installation contractors, to sign the Post -Construction Well Inspection Report. Licensed Pump Installation <br />Contractors are also required to pass examinations and acquire continuing education credits to maintain their <br />License. Additionally, Pump Installation Contractors often install pitless adapter units that extend above the <br />ground surface and are familiar with rules pertaining to the surface completion of well, or other factors that <br />could help determine whether or not the structure could be permitted. <br />POLICY <br />The Board of Examiners authorizes all licensed contractors and authorized individuals to sign Post -Construction <br />Well Inspection Report Forms. This includes authorized individuals, licensed pump installation contractors, and <br />licensed well construction contractors, as those terms are defined in Rules 5.2.3, 5.2.44, and 5.2.59. <br />Dated this L day of February 2017 /_ <br />< I <br />Theresa' ehn-Dellaport, Chairperson <br />Board of Examiners of Water Well Construction and <br />Pump Installation Contractors <br />°t` crk6 <br />e zdr,- <br />1313 Sherman, Room 821, Denver, CO 80203 P 303.866.3581 www.water. state. co. us IT <br />O.G. Blown Keith Branstetter Theresa Jehn-Dellaport Robert Hillegas Scott C. Cuthbertson <br />