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6; 0011 <br />. ;?N,ENT OFT <br />rQ?P tiF ?. ?, <br />m.? <br />z° United States Department of* the Interior <br />E7 O)I <br />BUREAU OF LAND MANAGEMENT TAKE PRIDE' <br />M <br />Grand Junction Field Office INAMERICA <br />2815 H Rd <br />Grand Junction, Colorado 81506 <br /> <br />CO-130 (3809) OCT 2 6 2009 <br />Brent Kramer <br />Energy Fuels Resources Corporation <br />P.O. Box 888 <br />Nucla, CO 81424 <br />Re: Notice of Intent (NOI) Modification 3 <br />DP,MS NOt P-12007-ON <br />Tgrbyn19afffi n Drilling <br />Dear Mr. Kramer: <br />SCOW <br />OCT 3 0 2009 <br />p'1v>+ "of ?gsteti <br />r- I '? <br />OCT 2 S 2009 <br />91109 an GRAND JUNG i OFFICE <br />RECLAM F <br />ATION MINIAG& SAFETY <br />T Mes <br />1 <br />My staff received the above-referenced NOI Modification 3 on October 6, 2009. In your letter <br />you requested to drill an additional 6. holes on the Torbyn Claims. Our archaeology staff <br />reviewed previously conducted cultural surveys and determined the proposed drill sites are <br />located within previously surveyed areas and no eligible sites were found. No additional cultural <br />surveys are required for the six proposed drill sites. During an onsite inspection with you on <br />October 23, 2009 it appeared access to the sites would require building approximately 300 ft x <br />20 ft of new access road to access 4 of the proposed drill sites. The other two drill sites can be <br />accessed with existing roads. <br />The Division of Reclamation, Mining, and Safety (DRMS) has calculated the bond costs for <br />plugging 6 more drill holes, reclaiming 300 ft x 20 ft of additional roads and pads, and <br />revegetation of an additional 0.28 acre. My staff has reviewed the bond calculations which <br />require an additional $1,370.00 and find them to be adequate. Total surface disturbance for this <br />NOI would now be 2.58 acres. <br />Based my staff's review, it has been determined that your NOI is adequate and complete. Your <br />operations must comply with surface management requirements under 43 CFR 3809. The <br />following requirements shall also apply: <br />1. All 6 drill sites must be located within areas cleared by previous cultural surveys.