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RIECEIV6C? ?J <br />JUN 19 2009 DivW" of Reow" OR, <br />MWM9 and ady <br />JUBILEE VENTURE LLC " <br />19754 E. Euclid Drive <br />Centennial, CO 80016 <br />June 11, 2009 <br />RECEIVED <br />Division of Reclamation, Mining, & Safety JUG 5,2009 <br />Attn; G. Russell Means GRAND JUNCTION FIELD OFFICE <br />Grand Junction Field Office DIVISION OF <br />RECLAMATION MINING & SAFETY <br />101 S. 3`d St, Ste. 301 <br />Grand Junction, CO 81501 <br />Re: DRMS letter of 6-8-09 in response to NOI Application No. P-2009-015, Notice for <br />Review. <br />Dear Mr. Means, <br />Regarding your opening paragraph, there isn't much to hide on the application so it <br />might as well be posted in its entirety. <br />In response to your enumerated comments, I offer the following: <br />1.) The more detailed map you requested accompanies this response. Because this <br />application is for prospecting, the exact location for all the drill holes can't be <br />known at this time so I have just laid out the area within which the first phase of <br />drilling will occur. The followup and infill, if justified, will change the pattern. <br />The approximate location of the proposed sampling plant is indicated. <br />2.) The sampling of a paleoplacer gold deposit has its difficulties. I'm trying to <br />minimize problems while financially responsibly maximize the program results by <br />drilling auger holes to recover samples that are meaningful. The holes should <br />yield cuttings which will be retrieved in five foot intervals yielding approximately <br />seventy five to one hundred fifty pounds of material. These samples will be <br />individually processed in a sample processing plant which is essentially a mini <br />gravity mill designed to emulate a full scale plant in the treatment of material. <br />The sample is entrained in water and run through the plant which screens out the <br />coarser material and processes the remainder through a spiral separator which, by <br />induced gravity separation, causes the lighter weight particles to be parted from <br />the heavier ones which hold the gold. This heavier fraction is a concentrate which <br />is further concentrated by passing it over a gravity table where, depending on the <br />specific gravity of other mineral fragments, the gold is either completely separated <br />or at least concentrated into a very high grade concentrate. <br />The majority of the sample processing plant will be mounted on a 10 foot by 40 <br />foot truck trailer. There won't be a disturbance area directly related to this <br />because the frame of the trailer will be sitting on the ground. There will be a <br />nearby excavated but unlined pond approximately 20 feet square and five feet