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1 <br />ON CON M A Rosh" <br />_ FIDENTI? <br />ALMA WATERSHED PROTECTION DISTRICT t/ <br />PERMIT APPLICATION <br />?Irr, - ifof-e-s+ Seg-v)'ce,, <br />O fP <br /> <br />2007'-0» <br />wner o ro?p,?e rlj I <br />Name :Q )",/P i/; n <br />Mailing Address: ),17 <br />F <br />Phone: 7 f"! ' 2 ! E <br />2. Applicant (if other than property owner): <br />Name: <br />c <br />i I . <br />Mailing Address: 6 ?- -z ! J v v <br />_. Co qoq6l <br />Phone: 71,1 - 2k j - O 3 <br />3. Applicants interest in property (if other than owner): <br />Ah l <br />r <br />e <br />(attach copy of relevant documents) <br />5. General description of proposed activity: t (, C /? S/?? » Cr t / G Al ( bV <br />10 r <br />I <br />?ece)vq <br />2 7 lgol 0" f <br />.5- 1. c; <br />6. Identify any possible risks of pollution to the Alma water supply which may be created or enhanced by proposed activity. <br />Describe measures which will be used to eliminate or reduce such risks: <br />d <br />6P e4l'dAS <br />4 <br />7. Duration of permit requested: G .1 b c(. WOW ? lI e- 9) e tm, t C,11/00 u, 5 <br />7 01 tyl;n,? ?r rc? 1 1a S- <br />8. Attach two sets of plans and specifications collectively showing the following: <br />a. Vicinity map or sketch showing the site of the proposed activity within the watershed. <br />b. Map of site plan showing the boundary lines of permit area. <br />c. Site plan showing the location of buildings or structures within fifty (50) feet of the proposed activity. <br />d. Contour map showing the existing topography of the permit area and its drainage down to Buckskin Creek or surface <br />tributaries. <br />e. Contour map showing the topography of the permit area and its drainage into Buckskin Creek upon completion of the <br />proposed activity. <br />?? <br />4. Legal description of property: S ' /? 0--k C3 ?r D -e_