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P008-- °-?'l <br />Form 2 (Public File) <br />NOTICE OF INTENT TO CONDUCT PROSPECTING OPERATIONS <br />FOR HARD ROCK/METAL MINES <br />CHECK ONE: There is an NOT Number Already Assigned to this Operation <br />NOT # P- (Please reference the file number assigned to this operation) <br />New NOT <br />Modification to an Existing, NOT <br />NOT# PP- - (Provide for Modifications to an existing NOD <br />GENERAL OPERATION INFORMATION <br />Type or print clearly, in the space provided, ALL information described below. <br />1. GENERAL INFORMATION <br />1. DATE NOT RECEIVED BY THE DIVISION: (office use only) <br />2. P.ROJECI' NAME:_ 'fetes naMeSo. <br />PROSPECTOR• <br />?. __. <br />Name: Le0c G6,,-,ex <br />Title: _ 1Tce i ? <br />Company Name: r"p-c `? ve?5 12eSa?.?ce5 <br />Street: 3 i 5 ?5 N_._. q p <br />P.O. Box: <br />City: __N %& C?_e•_._____ <br />State: <br />.QS??O-___ <br />Zip Code: ---..._...._?_?.---------- <br />refephone Number: Q?0 ?$6y -A_a5__.._.- <br />Fax Number. I70 ' WA--TI36 <br />PERSON MLRH SHOULD CONTACT: <br />Name:._Bf ?-??` <br />Title: <br />Company Name: Fre %,? S ?S?UC?? S <br />Street: 3\5AS A,-j, <br />P.O. Box: <br />_._._ <br />City: -_-? 1AC., --- <br />State: C.Ait'Ao <br />Zip Code: _._b\hay_.____- <br />Telephone Number: _ o-...964-77-]S- <br />Fax N umber: 9770 - '60 - 77-7 -76 <br />4. APPLICATION FEE: $86. (NOIs require a $86 fee which must accompany this notice or it cannot be processed by the <br />Division). <br />5. LOCATION INFORMATION: <br />C t7llnt <br />PRIINCIPAL MERIT)AN (check one) <br />SECTION (write number): <br />_.._.___6?h (t:oloprado? ?_1:)?' ('•_qew 4'iexico) -- {t'te) <br />S a0?? 1