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2 (Form 2- Public) <br />TOWNSHIP (write number and check direction) T 5 North X South <br />RANGE (write number and check direction) R _JS East West <br />QUARTER SECTION (check one):__ A NIA ---NW (-10) SE SW <br />QUARTEPUQUARTER SECTION (check one):_ NE (Ic°) NW _-SE 04 SW <br />GENERAL DESCRIPTION: (the number of miles and direction to the nearest town and the approximate elevation): <br />?O?-e'^' CO ...-.....__._360 <br />NOTE: Supply longitude and latitude or UTM coordinates if lands have not been surveyed or as supplemental information to <br />this NOI. GPS measurements will be acceptable for this purpose: Aooc c?C o <br />?crc\\ 1.b\e \?c? ,a?5 ',? _ UT t\ NOD a1 i?. b 3$)06 r- <br />91,81460 N <br />6. LAND OWNERSHIP <br />Private Public Domain (BLM), National Forest (USFS) <br />State State Sovereign Lands ___ Other (please describe): <br />If prospecting is located on BUNT or USFS land the remaining section must be completed, <br />otherwise go to section II Maps & Drawings <br />7. PROSPECTING ON BUREAU OF LAND MANAGEMENT (BLM) LAND AND U.S. FOREST SERVICE (USFS) <br />LAND <br />The Division and the BLM/USFS have entered into cooperative agreements that eliminate the need for a prospector to post a <br />financial warranty with each agency and allow them to coordinate the review of the NOI in order to minimize administrative <br />processing time and effort. <br />A. CLAIMANT: <br />Name: Erw-ro" ('RA5 e5o>^cCSiS <br />Address: io-_-&1:?____--- - <br />NI'A? cc ?4ay <br />Telephone: 9?Q=?Sbi I ?1?? 5_ _-- <br />Fax Number: 9'-)0-'9b4-7'7-?b B, SITE&LAIM INFORMATION: <br /> <br />List names, serial numbers and provide legal description to nearest quarter-quarter section of all sites or claims (attach <br />additional page, if necessary). <br />:"SAME SERIAL NUMBER LEGAL DESCRIPTION <br />0-* 6 cmc;641,06 _ Sec 9_...._ NE Yi ? NW 'A <br />-CMC 410 5 see ao_.?.._. s£ Y? S W YJ. <br />- a CMC 264US8 sec ).9 NWT/4 61? K P)