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r? <br /> <br />REGULATORY PERMITS MANAGEMENT, INC. <br />7425 Winter Berry Ln., Castle Rock, Colorado 80108 <br />Phone: (303) 854-7499 FAX: (303) 660-3852 <br />July 8, 20 8 <br />Mr. Davi Bird ? <br />Division f Reclamation, Mining and Safety 1/ <br />Rm 215, 313 Sherman St. <br />Denver, O 80203 <br />RECE W D <br />kfIJUL 0 9 2008 <br />Division of Reclamation, <br />Mining and Safety <br />Re: No Lice of Intent to Conduct Prospecting Operations, COAG Corporation, File No. P-2007'-069; <br />?Adeauac Review #3 <br />Dear Mr. Bird: <br />Your Mr. David Berry sent COAG Corporation correspondence dated May 30, 2008 informing COAG <br />Corporation about the revised provisions of C.R.S. 34-32-113 due to the passage of SB 228. In his <br />correspondence, Mr. Berry stated that COAG Corporation should either withdraw or resubmit it NOI <br />application and meet the new requirements of SB 228. In addition there will not be a fee for <br />I talked th Mr. Tony Waldron on what the Division wants COAG Corporation to submit. He <br />indicated at a simple letter stating what should or should not be considered confidential will be <br />sufficient He also indicated that the Division would take care of making the electronic copy for use by <br />the public. Enclosed with this correspondence is a statement that complies with the new provisions of <br />SB 228 and as directed by Mr. Waldron. Also enclosed are COAG Corporation's responses to the <br />remaining adequacy questions and a revised map. <br />Complia ce with the Provisions of SB 228: <br />COAG C rporation waives its right to Confidentiality for all portions of its NOI application, P-2007- <br />069. <br />Adequa Questions Response #3: <br />1. "A eauate for now until the DRMS calculates a reclamation bond." <br />2. "P "e locate on the map where the bins are that are referred to in question 3?" <br />Response Please see enclosed map. (The two bins are located right beside the Freighter Shaft <br />3. a. `1Please indicate the maximum amount of ore that will be stored in the bins at any one time."