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REGULATORY PERMITS MANAGEMENT, INC. ~ <br />7425 Winter Berry Ln., Castle Rock, Colorado 80108 <br />Phone: (303) 854-7499 FAX: (303) 660-3852 <br />March 20, 2008 <br />Ms. Erica Crosby <br />1313 Sherman Street <br />Room 215 <br />Denver, CO 80203 <br />RE: Response to File No. P-2007-069 Adequacy Review / <br />Dear Ms. Crosby: <br />~~~~1~~® <br />MAR 312008 <br />pivision of R~S~aty n' <br />tJlin`n9 and <br />COAG Corporation asked that I respond to the adequacy review questions in your January 8, <br />20081etter. <br />Adequacy Response Item Numbers. <br />1. Please find attached a completed One Site Prospecting Bond and check in the amount of <br />$2,000.00. <br />2. Attached is a revised map properly signed. The map shows that the proposed affected <br />area is considerably smaller than what was originally submitted to the Division. In addition, it <br />shows two proposed affected areas connected by an existing road. The existing roads proposed <br />to be used by the COAG will not need to be upgraded, but will be maintained. The roads are <br />shown on the map as dashed lines. <br />The two proposed affected areas consist of an area of less than one acre and an existing mine <br />shaft to be used for ventilation. The area of the mine shaft for ventilation is less than 1600 <br />square feet and would therefore be exempt under the provisions of C.R.S 34-32-103 (12). <br />However, COAG is including the area of the ventilation shaft since COAG has agreed with the <br />Division to place a cover over the shaft opening. COAG is therefore relieving the Division of <br />the cost to protect the opening. COAG will provide the Division a removable shaft closure that <br />will meet the Division specifications for a closure that is removable and provides for ventilation <br />