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_ - STATE OF COLORADO <br />DIVISION OF RECLAMATION, MINING AND SAFETY <br />Department of Natural Resources <br />1313 Sherman St., Room 215 <br />Denver, Colorado 80203 COLORADO <br />O ; O Ro N Doo <br />FAX: (Phoner303} 2-810 67 RECLAMATION <br />FAX: (3u3)832$106 MINING <br />st <br />SAFETY <br />CONSTRUCTION MATERIALS �M <br />REGULAR (112) OPERATION <br />RECLAMATION PERMIT APPLICATION FORM <br />MAY 112018 <br />CHECK ONE: There is a File Number Already Assigned to this Operation DIVISION OF RECLAMATION <br />Permit # M - _ (Please reference the file number currently assigned to this operatOMING AND SAFETY <br />New Application (Rule 1.4.5) Amendment Application (Rule 1.10) <br />Conversion Application (Rule 1.11) <br />Permit ;� M - (provide for Amendments and Conversions of existing permits) <br />The application for a Construction Materials Regular 112 Operation Reclamation Permit contains three major parts: (1) the application <br />form; (2) Exhibits A -S, Addendum 1, any sections of Exhibit 6.5 (Geotechnical Stability Exhibit; and (3) the application fee. When you <br />submit your application, be sure to include one (1), complete signed and notarized ORIGINAL and one (1) copy of the completed <br />application form, two (2) copies of Exhibits A -S, Addendum 1, appropriate sections of 6.5 (Geotechnical Stability Exhibit, and a check for <br />the application fee described under Section (4) below. Exhibits should NOT be bound or in a 3 -ring binder, maps should be folded to <br />8 112" X I 1 " or 8 112" X 14" size. To expedite processing, please provide the information in the format and order described in this form. <br />GENERAL OPERATION INFORMATION <br />Type or print clearly, in the space provided, ALL information requested below. <br />AQplicantloperator or company name (name to be used on permit) Empire Aggregate, Inc. <br />1.1 Type of organization (corporation, partnership, etc.): Limited Liability Corporation <br />2. Overation name (Dit. mine or site name),: Douglas Mountain Mine <br />Permitted acreage (new or existing site): <br />3.1 Change in acreage (-) <br />3.2 Total acreage in Permit area <br />4. Femme. <br />91.6 permitted acres <br />acres <br />acres <br />4.1 <br />New Application <br />$2.696.00 <br />application fee <br />4.2 <br />New Quarry Application <br />$3.342.00 <br />quant' application <br />4.4 <br />Amendment Fee <br />_$2.229.00 <br />amendment fee <br />4.5 <br />Conversion to 112 operation (set by statute) <br />$2.696.00 <br />conversion fee <br />5. Primary commoditie(s�to be mined: sand gravel <br />5.1 <br />Incidental commoditie(s) to be mined: L <br />I ns/ 2. _ / <br />lbsgons/vr <br />3. lbs/Tons/yr 4. 1 <br />lbs/Tons I 5. / <br />lbs/Tons/yr <br />5.2 <br />Anticipated end use of primary commoditie(s) to be mined: <br />construction materials <br />5.3 <br />Anticipated end use of incidental commodities) to be mined: <br />