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-3- <br />1 I . Correspondence Information: <br />APPLICANT"/OPERATOR (name, address, and phone of name to be used on permit) <br />Contact's Name: Chris Townsend <br />Company Name: Empire Aggregate, Inc. <br />Title: Manager <br />StreetIP.O. Box: <br />1935 65th Avenue #1 <br />P.O. Box: <br />City: <br />Greeley <br />State: <br />CO <br />Zip Code: 80634 <br />Telephone Number <br />( 970 _ 485-4818 <br />Fax Number: <br />) - <br />PERMITTING CONTACT <br />(if different from applicant/operator above) <br />Contact's Name: <br />Ben Langenfeld <br />Title: Manager <br />Company Name: <br />Greg Lewicki and Assoclates <br />Street/P.O. Box: <br />3375 W Powers Circle <br />P.O. Box: <br />City: <br />Liiileton <br />State: <br />Telephone Number: <br />Fax Number: <br />INSPECTION CONTACT <br />Contact's Name: <br />Company Name: <br />Street/P.O. Box: <br />City: <br />State: <br />CO <br />{ 720 )-842-5321 <br />{ 1 - <br />Chris Townsend <br />Empire Aggregate, Inc. <br />1935 65th Avenue #1 <br />Zip Code: 80123 <br />Title: Manager <br />P.O. Box: <br />Greeley <br />CO Zip Code: 80634 <br />Telephone Number. ( 970 ) _ 485-4818 <br />Fax Number: <br />CC: STATE OR FEDERAL LANDOWNER (if any) <br />Agency: <br />Street: <br />City: <br />State: <br />Zip Code: <br />Telephone Number ( ) - <br />C: STATE OR FEDERAL LANDOWNER if an <br />Agency: <br />Street: <br />City: <br />State: <br />Telephone Number { 1- <br />Zip Code: <br />