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~ pP ~O <br />III IIIIIIIIIIIII III COLORADO DIVISION OF MINERALS Ai1iD GEOLOGY <br />999 1313 Sherman Street, Room 21i, Denver, Colorado 80203, (303 866-3567 <br />!~EGFI\fED <br />AU6 ~ 7 2001 <br />APPLICATION FORM FOR A REVISIO~~gg~;pp~jy <br />TO A COAL MINING AND RECLAMATION PERMIT <br />This form must be completed and submitted with all requests for minor revisions, as defined in Rule 1.04f731, <br />technical revisions, as defined in Rule 1.0411361, and permit revisions, as defined in Rule 1.041901. All <br />revisions are to address the requirements of Rule 2.08.4. Three 131 copies of the revision, including maps, <br />must be submitted in order for it to be complete. <br />All revisions are to be formatted so they can be inserted into the permit to replace the revised sections, maps, <br />tables andlorfigures, with a revised table of contents, if necessary. The revision submittal date should be <br />printed in the lower right corner of each revision page. A cover letter to the revision should explain the nature <br />of the revision and reference the specific permit sections being revised. <br />For federal mines, a copy of the revision application must be submitted to all agencies on the federal mailing <br />list (except OSM) at the same time the application is submitted to the Division, and proof of distribution must <br />be submitted to the Division along with the application. Copies of revision pages modified during the review <br />process must be distributed in the same manner, along with proof of distribution. Proof of distribution must <br />be submitted prior to implementation of the revision. <br />Permit No.: C - 80 - 007 Date: nsz / ~e / nt <br />Permittee: Mountain Coal Company L.L.C. <br />West Elk idine <br />Street: <br />City: <br />Somerset <br />State: Cp Zip Code: rat a-za - <br />Brief Description of Revision: Minor Revision 282 - Request for Annr^rtval <br />of Gob Vent Degas Borehole Pads 14-06; 15-06; <br />Public Notice Attached: Yes _ Nog (Required for PRs and TRsI <br />Bond Increase: Yes X No _ Federal ~ Non-Federal _ Mine _ ., <br />Proposed Change in: <br />Disturbed Area (+!-) _ ~ . ~ Acres Affected Area (+!-) _ _ 6 0 Acres <br />Permit Area (+/-) _ _ 0 0 Acres Federal Land (+/-) _ _ ~ . ~ Acres <br />State Land (+/-) 0 0 Acres Private Land (+/-) 0 0 Acres <br />`~~9~ <br />