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~. <br /> <br /> <br />Terr-aMatrix <br />Engineering 8 Environmental Services <br />1475 Pine Grove Aoad • PO Box 774018 <br />Steamboat Springs, Colorado 80477 <br />303-879-6260 • fax 303-879-9048 <br />Apri128, 1995 <br />Mr. Joe Dudash <br />Division of Minerals and Geology <br />Depar[ment of Natural Resources <br />1313 Sherman St., Room 215 <br />Denver, CO 80203 <br />~II ~I~I~~II~II~~~~~ <br />999 <br />RECEIVF_D <br />MAY 0 4 1995 <br />(via Fed X) <br />Division of r~imerai, ~ ;,~ci;;ci, <br />RE: Minor Revision No. 9, Identification of Interests, H-G Coal Company Permit No. C-80-003 <br />Dear Mr. Dudash: <br />This is written in response to the Division's letter of 10 April 1995 and pursuant tq discussions <br />with Erica Crosby on 14 April 1995. The responses are numbered in accordance with the <br />reasons enumerated in your letter. <br />1. The telephone number and Employer Identification Number (EIN) for H-G Coal <br />Company (HGCC) are provided on the revised permit pages included with. this letter. <br />2. TerraMatrix is the designated resident agent for HGCC. Appropriate revisions to MR-9 <br />have been made and provided on the revised permit pages included with this letter. <br />3. EIN numbers for HGCC, Coalgrace, Coalgrace II, Grace Energy Corp., W!R. Grace & <br />Co., and W.R. Grace & Co: Conn are provided on the revised permit pages included with this <br />submittal. <br />4. The lists of directors and officers for all owners and controllers of HGCC have been <br />revised to include starling dates and are provided on the revised permit pages included with this <br />submittal. <br />5. As stated on Pages 5 and 6 of HGCC's 24 March 1995 application, and reiterated on page <br />2.03.44 of this submittal, neither HGCC, Coalgrace, Inc., Coalgrace II, Inc., Grace Energy <br />Corp., W.R. Grace & Co.-Conn. or W.R. Grace & Co. owns or con[rols, or has previously <br />owned or con rolled, a surface coal mining operation in [he United States within the five years <br />preceding the March 24 submittal date of MR-9. An MSHA number and date of issuance has <br />been provided for HGCC on the enclosed revised permit pages. <br />6. As stated in our letter of 14 March 1995 to [he Division regarding pending ,revisions to <br />the HGCC Permit to Mine: "The surface and mineral ownership information have been updated <br />and will be included in the 'Consolidation' TR application." This information will address the <br />requirements of Rules 2.03.4(6) [Property Owners], 2.03.4(7) [Contiguous Property Owners], and <br />2.03.4(9) [Interest in Contiguous Lands]. Information required by Rule 2.03.4'(8), MSHA <br />identification number, is included in this submittal. <br />OS/Ol/95 4rm Steamboat Springs, CO • Denver, CO • Fort Collins, CO • Seatlle, WA • Juneau, AK • Santiago, Chile SA <br />