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Phase I will help the State address the following questions: <br />• What is a reasonable base of existing uses (by amount and location} to utilize in the Colorado <br />River Water Availability Study? <br />• How does historical hydrology in the last 70-90 years compare to a longer hydrologic trace <br />developed based on tree rings analysis? <br />• What is a reasonable projection for hydrology as affected by climate change? <br />• Based an evaluations of previous investigations of Colorado River Compact entitlements and <br />considering, through Phase I model application, current information, how much water would <br />Colorado be entitled to under the Compacts? <br />Phase I will be conducted simultaneously with the water needs assessments being prepared by <br />the following BRT subgroups: 1) Consumptive Water Needs Group and 2) Non-Consumptive <br />Water Needs Group. The results of the Phase 1 Study will be supplemented by these needs <br />assessments to formulate water demand alternatives for Phase II. <br />The Study will be conducted with close coordination between the consulting team and the <br />CWCB management team through monthly coordination meetings and through submittal of <br />interim, draft and final work products as defined below in the task descriptions. The goal will be <br />to strike a balance between enough formal submittals to assure good communication of technical <br />details without unduly imposing an the CWCB management team's review time. Progress <br />meetings will focus on recent work, upcoming work, and potential scope and budget concerns to <br />allow timely decisions if adjustments need to be made. Progress reports will accompany <br />monthly invoices. They will itemize the work performed during the billing period and also <br />summarize concerns, if any, with upcoming work and budget needs. <br />Draft work products will be submitted in MS Word format to facilitate review and editing. Final <br />work products will be submitted in MS Woxd and in PDF formats. Basin maps prepared in GIS <br />will be submitted with shape files and in PDF format. It is anticipated that all work products <br />posted an the State's websites will be in PDF format. Memos prepared to summarize technical <br />analyses for the review by the CWCB and others involved in the Study shall include sections on; <br />1) background; 2) methodology and assumptions and 3) results. <br />The Phase I Scope of Work is comprised of the following tasks: <br />Phase I Tasks <br />Task Subtask Task Title <br />1 Project Management <br /> 1.1 Start-u ,Coordination, and Re ortin <br /> 1.2 IBCCBRT Meetin s <br /> I.3 Public Information <br /> 1.4 Phase II Sco in <br />2 Literature Review <br /> 2.1 Pertinent Document List <br />Colorado River water Aaaiiabiiity Study Scope 2 R128/2D08 <br />CRWAS Phasel Contract Scope EX A Fina] <br />