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<br />C'VCR Construction Fund Loan Application <br /> <br />4. Please provide a brief description of the owner's existing \'later supply facilities and describe <br />any existing operational or maintenance problems. Attach separate sheets if needed. and a map <br />of the service area. Public water !(V.Hem PWSID# 1590-15. Two pump stations, 10 wells, two <br />water tanks (1 AfG and 1.5 MG (completion October 2001), and approximate/\' 95,000 reet ol <br />ductile iron pipe line. No operational or maintenance problems. <br /> <br />For existing facilities indicate: <br />Number of shareholders <br />Current Assessment per share $ <br />Nwnber of acres irrigated <br /> <br />or Number of customers served 1.300 <br />Nwnber of shares <br /> <br />Part B. - Description of the Project <br />1. Nanle of the project or facility Water riKhts purchase <br /> <br />2. Purpose of this loan application. Check onc. <br />New project <br />Rehabilitation or replacement of existing facility <br />Enlargement of existing facility <br />Emergency Repair <br />X Other (describe) Buyout of existinK water riK}us lease and additional rif!hts. <br /> <br />3. If the project is for rehabilitation of an existing reservoir. is the reservoir currently under a <br />storage restriction order from the State Engineer? YES _ NO_ <br /> <br />4. General location of the project. (Please include county. and approximate distance and direction <br />from nearest to\\l1. as well as legal description. if kno\'\'TI. Summit Cow area of Summit <br />Count}' Colorado. Apwoximatelv 2 miles {rom the Town of Dillon and 2 miles {rom the <br />Kevstone Ski Resort. <br /> <br />5. Please provide a brief narrative description of the proposed project including purpose. need. <br />facilities. type of water uses to be served and sef\ice area. Attach separate sheet. if needed. <br />Purchase ol-l1 (lcre teet of Rice Ranch >>,ater. 33 acre feet of Valaer Ditch water, 5 acre feet <br /> <br />Dillon Resen'Oir slOraKe and 7 acre feet Columbus Ditch ri~'lfs from Vid/er Water Companv <br /> <br />combined with termination ol exi.'ltin~ water lease and JJuchase of 20 acre feet from Golden. <br /> <br />2 <br />