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<br />COLORADO WATER CONSERV A T10!': BOARD <br />CONSTRUCTION FUND LOAN ApPLICATION <br /> <br />Instructions: This application should be t~'iped or printed neatly with black ink. Attach additional <br />sheets as necessary to fully answer any question or to provide additional information that \vould be <br />helpful in the evaluation afthis application. When finished. please return this application to: <br /> <br />TilE COLORADO \\' A TER CO:\SER\'A TIO;.; BOARD <br />Aim: John W. Van Sciver <br />1313 Shennan St., Room 721 <br />Denver. CO 80203 <br />Phone Number 303/866-3441 - Fax Number 303/866-4474 <br />e.mail: <br /> <br />Part A. - Description of the Applicant (Generally, the applicant is also the prospective O\\TIer and <br />sponsor of the proposed project. If this is not the case, please contact the eWeB staff before <br />completing this application.) <br /> <br />1. Name of applicant East Dillon rVater District <br /> <br />Mailing Address <br /> <br />~- <br />,,/1" - <br />:;:1-,/ C/ 2. <br />(1'i''5' <br /> <br />PO Box 627 <br />Frisco. CO 80~~3 <br />Business Phone Number (970) 668.5655 Ext 12 Fa.x Phone Nwnber ( 970) 668-553./ <br /> <br />Federal 10 Number 8~-0690020 <br /> <br />e-mail Addressadmin({ <br /> <br />Person to contact regarding this application. if difTerent from abo\'e: <br /> <br />Name <br />Position!Title <br />Address <br /> <br />Bob Polich <br /> <br />Administralor <br /> <br />PO Box 627. Frisco. CO 80H3 <br /> <br />Business Phone Number ( 970) 668-5655 <br /> <br />Home Phone Nwnber ( <br /> <br />) <br /> <br />e-mail Address <br /> <br />admin(ii;eastdillon.cvm <br /> <br />3. Type of organization (Ditch Co.. Irrigation District. ~lunicipality. etc.): Special District <br />Date of Annual Meeting fila - quarteril' Board of Directors meetin~s <br />Is the organization incorporated in the State of Colorado? YES ~ NO_ (If'\'ES. please <br />include a copy of the articles of incorporation. and the bylaws \\ith this application fonn.) <br />