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<br />;. <br /> <br />", <br /> <br />. <br /> <br />I' <br /> <br />u <br />. <br /> <br />v. <br /> <br />natural heritage.preservation, and preservation of '~he natu- <br /> <br />ral environment. but not to include the introduction of <br /> <br />non-indigenous species or any other use inimical to the <br /> <br />uses stated herein. <br /> <br />NOW, THEREFORE, it is hereby agreed between the parties <br /> <br />that: <br /> <br />1. !~!m_Q!_ln~_l~~~~. RMBL will lease to the board <br /> <br />tne aoove-described water rights for a period of ninety-nine <br /> <br /> <br />years. commencing ~~_L___. 1981 and ending <br /> <br />~~_~L__. 2080. <br /> <br />2. Outl~A_Qi_tbe_eQaLg. The board agrees to make <br /> <br />appl icatian with the water court for minimum lake level <br /> <br />decrees in the subject sources as soon as practicable and <br />Mw 'RO:; <br />to oefend~ and protect the water rights owned by RMBL <br /> <br />which were decreed bv the water Court, Water Division No. <br /> <br />5. November b, 1972 with an appropriation date of July 1, <br /> <br />1932 in cases No. W5bb throuqh w583, as described in Exhibit <br /> <br />-------,,---..~-----~.__._--- <br /> <br />tlA11 hereto; and to maintain and protect the continued use <br /> <br />of the water covered bV said decrees for the purposes described <br /> <br /> <br />above; dnd to prevent, by whatever means necessary, the dete~'. <br /> <br />rioration or destruction of the present water quantity and <br /> <br />quality. <br /> <br />3. A~~~S~_b~_RMa~. The board shall allow and RMBL <br /> <br />shall retain for its employees. authorized researchers and <br /> <br />students the right of access to all of_~he subject sources n,~_\ <br />' , IDS. (!I>W a t tempt to 'VO'V RDS <br />/ and ma1ntenance <br />for research,~nd-tp.aching/pu(poses. RMBL shall/Obtain writ- <br /> <br />ten approval oy the landowne( of the state's application <br /> <br />for water rights in any pondS which are located partially <br />outside boundaries of the natural area.~ <br /> <br />or totallv/within-pri~a~e-ia"d~ ROS <br /> <br />4. B~n1. The rent for th~ term of this ledLe shall <br />be $10.00 per year of the lease period. <br /> <br />5. IetmlDatlQD_gi_tbe_LeaA~' This lease shall <br /> <br />-2- <br />