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<br />J' <br /> <br />.J' <br /> <br />From previous decree: <br /> <br />Bowman Ditch, 0.5 cfs, appropriation date of March 20, 1918; <br />Bowman Ditch, 1.15 cfs, appropriation date of May 15, 1920. <br /> <br />These water rights were originally decreed by the District Court in and for Rio Blanco <br />County, in Case No, 624, Matter Nos. 349, entered May 26, 1942. <br /> <br />3. The source of the water is: Willow Creek, a tributary of Cathedral Creek, a tributary of <br />East Douglas Creek, a tributary of the White River. <br /> <br />4. Proposed change: The Bowman Ditch water rights, \\'hich were decreed for irrigation <br />purposes, were historically used to irrigate an average of 26.6 acres in sections 16 and 21 of <br />T3S, RlOOW, 6th P.M., with return flows accruing to Cathedral Creek just below its <br />confluence with Willow Creek. Pursuant to C.R.S. S 37-92-102(3), the applicant seeks to <br />change the use from irrigation to instream flow use by the CWCB to preserve the natural <br />environment to a reasonable degree. <br /> <br />5. Place of use (see map attached hereto as Exhibit A): <br /> <br />a) The natural stream channel of Cathedral Creek from its confluence with Willow Creek <br />(NE/4, SE/4, S 16, T3S, R 100W, 6th P.M.) as the upstream terminus, extending to the <br />confluence with East Douglas Creek (SE/4, SW/4, S17, T3S, RIOOW, 6th P.M.) as the <br />downstream terminus, a distance of approximately 2 miles. This segment can be located <br />on the Black Cabin Gulch U.S.G.S. quadrangle. <br /> <br />b) For administrative purposes only: <br />Upper Terminus = NE SE S16, T3N, R 100 W, 6P.M. <br />800' West of East Section Line & 1415' North of South Section Line <br />UTM: Easting 190292; Northing 4410050, NAD 83, Zone 13. <br /> <br />Lower Terminus = SE SW S17, T3N, RIOOW, 6P.M. <br />2300' East of West Section Line & 1050' North of South Section Line <br />UTM: Easting 188024; Northing 4410026, NAD 83, Zone 13. <br /> <br />6. Amounts of water claimed for instream flow (ABSOLUTE): <br /> <br />CWCB requests a change of water right to change 1.65 cfs decreed to the Bowman Ditch <br />for irrigation to instream flow use in the amount of 0.15, for the period of May 1 through <br />July 31, with an appropriation date of March 20, 1918. The amount of 0.15 cfs represents <br />the consumptive use portion of the two water rights decreed to the Bowman Ditch. Lands <br />historically irrigated by the water rights being changed will be permanently dried up and <br />will no longer be decreed to the Bowman Ditch. There are no remaining rights decreed to <br />the Bowman Ditch. <br /> <br />2 <br />