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Western Dam Engineering <br /> Technical Note <br /> <br /> May 2016 <br /> <br />5 <br />measuring relative angles between two different <br />objects. There are detailed instructions for two-way <br />calibration for each side of the device, which results in <br />the most precision possible outside of traditional <br />survey and measurement tools. The developer reports <br />a typical accuracy of about ±0.1 degrees, which is well <br />within the deviation of a constructed slope. Given the <br />typical localized variation in a constructed dam slope <br />compared to the size of the device, it is recommended <br />to carefully select a portion of the slope that best <br />represents the average condition (i.e. not in a localized <br />depression). <br /> <br /> <br /> <br /> <br /> <br /> <br /> <br /> <br /> <br /> <br />Figure 4 – Clinometer <br />Drawing Reference <br />AutoCAD 360 (Autodesk Inc., Android/iOS, <br />Basic is Free, Subscription Plan Required for <br />Extended Features): <br />No longer is it necessary to lug paper drawings around <br />the job site. . The main benefits of this app are the <br />abilities to “carry” a digital set of drawings, overlay <br />aerial photos for ground references, and annotate <br />notes and comments right in the drawing using a finger <br />or stylus. The drawing files uploaded to the device can <br />be used to measure any designed dimension and then <br />compare it to field measurements. Any edits or notes <br />made offline while in the field can be synced or shared <br />once online. Although the app has drawing tools, <br />making anything other than “redline” clouds, notes, or <br />simple line-work is a bit cumbersome on a small <br />device. There is a GPS function within the app that is <br />intended to identify the device’s location within the <br />drawing’s coordinate space. However, the accuracy <br />and ease-of-use of this feature is dependent on the <br />original coordinate space of the drawing and the <br />device’s GPS capabilities. <br />Engineering Calculators <br />handyCalc (mmin, Android, Free): <br />Most people use the calculator app that comes <br />standard on most mobile devices, but there are many <br />more powerful options available. The handyCalc app <br />provides standard calculator options with additional <br />tools such as unit conversions, graphing options, and <br />the ability to solve a system of equations. <br />DROID48 (Arnaud Brochard, Android, Free); <br />m48 (Markus Gonser, iOS, Free): <br />Many engineers developed a reliance on the Reverse <br />Polish Notation (RPN) calculators, which were the <br />powerful handheld devices of the late 20th century. <br />There are now several mobile apps that emulate the <br />functionality of probably the most popular RPN <br />calculator, the Hewlett-Packard (HP) 48 model. The <br />most popular are the DROID48, available on the <br />Android OS, and the m48 available on the iOS. Both <br />have skins that duplicate the various screens of the <br />hp48. These apps operate almost identically to the <br />hp48 calculator and, therefore, are easy to use for <br />those proficient in RPN. <br />Wolfram Alpha (Wolfram Group LLC, <br />Android/iOS, $2.99, Data required): <br />It is a bit of a disservice to include Wolfram Alpha as a <br />calculator; this app can do it all. It is a knowledge <br />engine that can instantly generate facts and equations <br />on a vast range of topics. Solutions to complex math, <br />physics, and engineering problems are found in <br />Wolfram Alpha’s large database. However, it does rely <br />on internet connectivity to retrieve the requested <br />information, and therefore may not work on all <br />devices. The app plugs directly into the Wolfram|Alpha <br />computing cloud, computing answers to questions <br />quickly and efficiently, using specialized math <br />keyboards, displays, charts and graphics. Capabilities <br />include unit conversions, fluid flow calculations, <br />material properties, and section properties, to name a <br />few.