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Western Dam Engineering <br /> Technical Note <br /> <br /> May 2016 <br /> <br />4 <br /> <br />Source: <br />Figure 1 – Theodolite Application <br />Photo Annotator <br />Context Camera (Cascode Labs Pty Ltd., iOS, $4.99): <br />The inevitable question that arises back in the office <br />after a field visit is “where was IMG 00336.jpg taken?” <br />Context Camera solves this problem by tagging photos <br />with the direction, coordinates, time, and comments. <br />All information is provided as an overlay on the photo <br />and saved with the image. Location accuracy is based <br />on the connectivity of the device’s GPS receiver. <br /> <br />Figure 2 – Context Camera <br />Measurement <br />Smart Measure Pro (Smart Tools Co., Android, <br />$1.50); EasyMeasure (Caramba App Development, <br />iOS, Free): <br />These apps act as range finders that allow the <br />measurement of dimensions ranging from inches to <br />thousands of feet. Measurements are not as accurate <br />as those taken with standard tools, with the accuracy <br />decreasing with distance, but is useful for hard to <br />reach locations to get a quick idea of distances and <br />dimensions during field inspections. Quick calibration <br />measurements should be performed by the user <br />before use as the accuracy also varies with device. The <br />apps use the device’s camera and accelerometer to <br />triangulate the distance, height, and width of objects. <br />There are numerous similar applications; these <br />presented were found to be versatile and easy to use, <br />with legible readouts. <br /> <br />Figure 3 – Measuring Height of Intake Tower with <br />Smart Measure Pro <br />Clinometer + Bubble Level + Slope Finder <br />(Peter Breitling, Android/iOS, $1.99): <br />This app is a great tool to have in the field for checking <br />inclinations of side slopes. It doubles as a hand level as <br />well, by using the camera function and on-screen level <br />indicator. It has several options, which may make it <br />look complicated to the novice user, but it only takes a <br />few minutes to learn all the options. This app uses any <br />edge of the device or camera, together with built in <br />accelerometers, to measure a slope. The slope can be <br />displayed in a variety of units (xH:1V, degrees, <br />percentage). There is a voice option that will speak the <br />measurement so it is not necessary to watch the <br />display while measuring the object. It is also capable of