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VOLUME 1 <br />ISSUE 1 <br />MARCH 2013 <br /> <br />Introduction………………………….. 1 <br />Simple Steps to Siphoning ……...…2 <br />Low-Level Conduits – Rehab or Replace?………………..5 <br />Filter Design and Construction Considerations …...…....9 <br /> <br />1 <br /> <br />A QUARTERLY PUBLICATION FOR WESTERN DAM ENGINEERS <br />Valuable Low-Cost Reference: <br />The Embankment Dam Reference Toolbox provides a <br />comprehensive collection of design standards and <br />references for dam engineering available from ASDSO. <br /> <br />Upcoming ASDSO Webinar Dam Safety Training: <br />• Tolerable Risk Guidelines for Dams, <br /> How Safe is Safe Enough?, by David S. Bowles, Ph.D., <br /> P.E., April 9, 2013 <br />• Loss of Life Consequence Assessment for Dam Failure <br /> Scenarios, by Wayne J. Graham, P.E., May 14, 2013 <br />ASDSO Training Website <br /> <br />Other Upcoming Training Opportunities: <br /> Best Practices for Inspection, Maintenance, and Repair <br />of Small to Medium Size Dams <br /> <br />This is the inaugural issue of the Western Dam <br />Engineering Technical Note. This quarterly newsletter <br />is meant as an educational resource tool for civil <br />engineers who practice primarily in rural areas of <br />western United States. This publication will present <br />technical articles specific to the design, inspection, <br />safety, and construction of small dams. This <br />publication provides general information. The reader <br />is encouraged to use the references cited and engage <br />other technical experts as appropriate. <br /> <br /> The Western Dam Engineering Technical <br /> Note is sponsored by the following <br /> agencies: <br /> Colorado Division of Water Resources <br /> Montana Department of Natural <br />Resources <br /> Wyoming State Engineer’s Office <br /> This news update was compiled, written, <br /> and edited by URS Corporation in Denver, <br /> Colorado. <br /> Funding for the News Update has been <br /> provided by the FEMA National Dam Safety <br /> Act Assistance to States grant program. <br /> Article Contributors (URS Corporation): <br /> Jennifer Williams, PE; John France, PE; <br /> Jason Boomer, PE; Stan Ellis, PE <br /> <br /> Editorial Review Board: <br /> Michele Lemieux, PE, Montana Dam Safety <br /> Program Supervisor; Bill McCormick, PE, PG, <br />Colorado Chief Dam Safety Branch; <br />Mike Hand, PE, Wyoming Dam Safety <br /> Program; Mark Ogden, PE, Association <br /> of State Dam Safety Officials; <br /> Matthew Lindon, PE, Loughlin Water <br /> Associates; and Steve Becker, PE, <br /> Natural Resources Conservation Service <br /> <br />The material in this publication has been prepared in accordance with generally recognized engineering principles and practices, and is for general information only. The information <br />presented should not be used without first securing competent advice from qualified professionals with respect to its suitability for any general or specific application. No reference made in <br />this publication constitutes an endorsement or warranty thereof by URS Corporation or sponsors of this newsletter. Anyone using the information presented in this newsletter assumes all <br />liability arising from such use.