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Code of Colorado Regulations <br /> t Secretary of State <br /> State of Colorado <br /> DEPARTMENT OF NATURAL RESOURCES <br /> Division of Water Resources <br /> Board of Examiners of Water Well Construction and Pump Installation Contractors <br /> RULES AND REGULATIONS FOR WATER WELL CONSTRUCTION, PUMP <br /> INSTALLATION, <br /> CISTERN INSTALLATION,AND MONITORING AND OBSERVATION HOLE/WELL CONSTRUCTION <br /> 2 CCR 402-2 <br /> RULE 1- TITLE <br /> 1.1 The title of these rules and regulations is "Rules and Regulations for Water Well Construction, <br /> Pump Installation, Cistern Installation and Monitoring and Observation Hole/Well Construction." <br /> The short title for these rules and regulations is "Construction Rules" and they may be referred <br /> to herein collectively as the "Rules" or individually as a "Rule." <br /> RULE 2- AUTHORITY <br /> 2.1 These Rules are promulgated pursuant to the authority granted the State Board of Examiners of <br /> Water Well Construction and Pump Installation Contractors (the "Board" or"Board of Examiners") <br /> in sections 37-91-104(1)(b), (c), (j) & (k); 37-91-106(3) & (4); 37-91-109(1) & (2); and 37-91- <br /> 110(1) & (2), C.R.S. <br /> RULE 3- SCOPE OF RULES <br /> Basis and Purpose: The statutory authority for this Rule is found in sections 37-91-101(1); 37-91-102; 37- <br /> 91-104(1)(c), (j), & (k); 37-91-106(3) & (4); and 37-91-110(2), C.R.S. The purpose of this Rule is to <br /> identify the activities and individuals to which these Rules apply. <br /> 3.1 These Rules apply to the construction and repair of water wells, test holes, dewatering wells, <br /> monitoring and observation holes and wells; well plugging, sealing, and abandonment; and <br /> pump and cistern installation and repair, as those terms are defined by these Rules and section <br /> 37-91-_102, C.R.S. <br /> 3.2 These Rules do not apply to excavations made for the purpose of obtaining or prospecting for <br /> minerals or to those wells subject to the jurisdiction of the Oil and Gas Conservation Commission <br /> as provided in Article 60 of Title 34, C.R.S., or to those wells subject to the jurisdiction of the <br /> Mined Land Reclamation Board as provided in Article 32 of Title 34, C.R.S. (Minerals), and <br /> Article 33 of Title 34, C.R.S. (Coal). See section 37-91-102(16)(b)(I), C.R.S. <br /> 3.3 These Rules apply to licensed well construction and pump installation contractors, private drillers, <br /> private pump installers, authorized individuals, any persons who undertake any activity described <br /> in Rule 3.1 or otherwise described by these Rules, and any persons excluded from the licensing <br /> requirements as described in section 37-91-106, C.R.S. See sections 37-91-102, 37-91-104(j) & <br /> (k), and 37-91-106, C.R.S.- <br /> 3.4 Reference Materials - Information on examining or acquiring reference materials referred to in <br /> these rules, including American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM) Designation: F480-14 <br /> (Standard Specification for Thermoplastic Well Casing); Department of Agriculture, Colorado <br /> Chemigation Act, Article 11 of Title 35, C.R.S.; National Electric Code (20142020) of the <br /> National Fire Protection Association (NFPA); Examining Board of Plumbers Rules and <br /> Regulations, 3 CCR 720-1; and National Ground Water Association ANSI/NGWA-01-14 Water <br />