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v. �nnnm — A :- C.J. KI 111-1 R <br />ucnnno < a., <br />Slab: I: nlliuom <br />IHT11 - <br />DIVISION OF WATER RESOURCES <br />Department of Natural Resources <br />.1313 Sherman Strent - Room 802 <br />Denver, Colorado 80203 Revoked, Scroll for additional info <br />Administration (303) 992-3531 <br />Ground Water(303) 892-3587 <br />August 13, 1976 <br />MEMORANDUM <br />TO: Board of Examiners of Water Well and Pump Installation Contractors <br />Ed Lesh, Jr. <br />Ralph Liedholdt <br />William Smith <br />FROM: Paul C. Haswell <br />Gentlemen: <br />In accordance with the request of several Board members at the meeting <br />on August.17, 1976, to have a copy of the policies set by the Board on pre- <br />vious meetings we submit the following. <br />1. February 22, 1972, Meeting Policy No. 1- It shall be the <br />policy of the Board of Examiners of Water Well and Pump <br />installation Contractors that two serious violations in <br />any 12-month period beginning with the finding of the <br />Board of a first violation of the rules and regulations <br />constitute a cause for automatic suspension or revocation <br />of the license of the person in question for a period to <br />be determined by the Board. Each case will be considered <br />by the Board to determine whether or not the violation is <br />serious enough to constitute one of the violations noted <br />above. This policy does not preclude the Board from <br />suspending or revoking a license because of first violation. <br />2. July 26, 1974 <br />A policy of procedure was stated at this meeting for the <br />inspection of all municipal and public supply wells. Each <br />new well of this type will be inspected for location and <br />construction and a report submitted on this inspection. <br />The foregoing represents all the policies acted upon by the Board since <br />enactment of the law thru October 1, 1974. <br />Paul C. Haswell <br />Water Resources Engineer <br />Ground Water Section <br />PCH/ew ] A <br />