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Oy ROMER <br />Covernor <br />BOARD OF EXAMINERS OF WATER WELL CONSTRUCTION AND PUMP INSTALLATION CONTRACTORS <br />DIVISION OF WATER RESOURCES <br />1313 Sherman Street -Room 818 <br />Denver, Colorado 80203 <br />(303) 866-3581 <br />April 2, 1991 <br />JERIS A. DANIELSON <br />Secretary <br />• <br />L <br />Y <br />POLICY NO. 91-1 CONCERNING USE OF <br />NEW WORK REPORT FORMS <br />The staff brought this matter before the Board of Examiners at their regularly scheduled <br />meeting on April 2, 1991.. New Well Construction, Pump Installation and Supplemental <br />Well Test forms were supplied to all contractors with their license renewal applications it} <br />December 1990. Some contractors are continuing to use the old work report forms. This <br />made it necessary to establish a specific date when the use of the new forms would be <br />required. <br />In order to provide additional time to notify all contractors and to phase in the use of the <br />new forms, the Board adopted June 30, 1991, as the last day for the staff to accept work <br />reports submitted on the old forms. In the interim, the staff will advise contractors of the <br />deadline by including reminders with well permits and correspondence. The effective date <br />of this policy is April 2, 1991. <br />Dated this day of s 1991. <br />zyzz (Z - - . <br />Ken Rollin,lChalrman <br />Board of Examiners of Water Well Construction <br />and Pump Installation Contractors <br />Ken Rollin. Chairman. Longmont; Paul Berglund, Colden: Ceorge Meriwether, Monte Vista; and Glenn A. Bodnar, Denver <br />�A <br />