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STATE OF COLORADO <br />BOARD OF EXAMINERS OF WATER WELL CONSTRUCTION AND PIMP INSTALLATION CONTRACTORS T <br />Division of Water Resources1113 Sherman Street, Room 818 <br />Denver, CO 80203 BOARD POLICY NO. 2001-1 <br />Phone (303) 866-3581 <br />FAX (303) 866-3589 <br />Revoked, Scroll for additional info Bill Owens <br /> Governor <br />Greg E. Watcher <br />EDUCATION AND TRAINING AS DRILLING Executive Director, DNR <br />Hal D. Simpson, P.E. <br />AND/OR PUMP INSTALLATION EXPERIENCE Secretary <br />DISCUSSION: <br />The Board of Examiners believes that it can be advantageous to the water well industry, salutary to the <br />public health, and beneficial to the protection of the ground water resource, to accept appropriate <br />educational training and experience as a portion of the two (2) years of experience required by Section <br />37-91-105(2)(d), C.R.S. For consideration by the Board, the education and training must be obtained <br />through satisfactory completion of an academic program approved by the Board which is directly <br />applicable to water well construction and pump installation and consist of a substantial amount of <br />laboratory, field and on-the-job site experience gained under the supervision of a licensed contractor. <br />In conjunction with the described education and training, the Board believes it is appropriate to <br />consider certain academic courses directly related to the basic concepts of geology, hydrology, and <br />engineering that are fundamental in the proper construction of water wells. It is the Board's belief that <br />the described experience results in a far more qualified and knowledgeable applicant. <br />POLICY: <br />Having considered the benefits of certain trailing and academic instruction, the Board hereby adopts <br />the following policy: <br />The Board may consider and accept certain education and training as a portion of the experience required <br />by Section 37-91-105(2)(d), C.R.S. Such training or education must be satisfactorily completed with a <br />grade point average of 2.0 of a possible 4.0, or above, from a Board approved educational program, <br />curriculum, school or institution. The amount of credit for education may not exceed one (1) year of work <br />experience. Generally, the satisfactory completion of two (2) full semesters or an equivalent thereof, can <br />be accepted as six (6) months of work experience. <br />Dated this / - day of February, 2001. <br />Janet Bellis, Chair <br />Board of Examiners of Water Well Construction <br />and Pump Installation Contractors <br />BRAD AUSTIN, Denver, JANET BELLIS, Boulder, K RAY NEWMYER, Mosca; GLENN CLEMENT, Greeley <br />