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STATE <br />F COLORADO <br />BOARD OF EXAMINERS OF WATER WELL CONSTRUCTION AND POMP INSTALLATION CONTRACTORS <br />Division of Water Resources <br />1313 Sherman Street, Room 818 <br />Denver, CO 80203 <br />Phone (303) 866-3581 <br />FAX (303) 866-3589 <br /> <br />BOARD POLICY NO. 2000-5 <br />Bill Owens <br />Governor <br />Revoked, Scroll for additional info Gregg E. Walther <br />Executive Director. DNR <br />Hal D. Simpson, P.E. <br />USE OF FLY ASH ADDITIVE IN CEMENT GROUTS Secretary <br />DISCUSSION: <br />At its meeting on June 6, 2000 the Board of Examiners of Water Well Construction and Pump <br />Installation Contractors reviewed the following policy to determine its compatibility with the <br />current procedures of the Division of Water Resources and the complaint procedures of the <br />Board, and the necessity of the policy since adoption of the revised Water Well Construction <br />Rules(2000): <br />Policy 91-4; August 20, 1991, Use of fly ash additive in cement grouts <br />As a result of its review the Board determined that Policy 91-4, requires modification for <br />consistency with ASTM standards for the use of fly ash. The number of the policy is also <br />changed in accordance with the sequence of policies recently adopted by the Board. <br />Fly ash is the residue from the combustion of pulverized coal in steam power plants. Slurry <br />properties and the resulting grout seal are enhanced by blending fly ash with Portland cement. <br />Some of the benefits of blending fly ash with Portland cement are: <br />• lighter slurry densities <br />• smaller water/cement ratio for a pumpable slurry <br />• reduced shrinkage and permeability <br />• reduced heat of hydration <br />• higher ultimate strength <br />• increased resistance to chemical attack <br />POLICY: <br />Having considered the benefits of using fly ash as an additive to Portland cement, the Board <br />hereby adopts the following policy: <br />GLENN A. BODNAR, Denver, JANET BELLIS, Boulder, H. RAY NEWMYER, Mosm; GLENN CLEMENT, Greeley <br />\R 'V-) <br />J <br />