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ROY ROMER <br />Governor <br />BOARD OF EXAMINERS OF WATER WELL CONSTRUCTION AND PUMP INSTALLATION CONTRACTORS <br />DIVISION OF WATER RESOURCES <br />1313 Sherman Street -Room 818 <br />Denver. Colorado 80203 <br />(303) 866-3581 <br />August 6, 1991 <br />POLICY NO. 91 -4 <br />USE OF FLY ASH ADDITIVE IN CEMENT GROUTS <br />JERiS A DANIELSON <br />Secretary <br />G-'3 Z1'^1 <br />PROBLEM: <br />This matter was brought before the Board of Examiners of Water Well Construction and <br />Pump Installation Contractors (Board) upon request from Elden Harris representing Dri-Mix <br />Concrete Company. The reason for the request was to seek Board approval for the use of <br />Portland cements blended with fly ash as grouting material in water well construction. <br />DISCUSSION: <br />Fly ash is the residue from the combustion of pulverized coal in steam power plants. <br />Slurry properties and the resulting grout seal are enhanced by blending fly ash with <br />Portland cement. Some of the benefits of blending fly ash with Portland cements are: <br />lighter slurry densities, <br />smaller water/cement ratio for a pumpable slurry, <br />reduced shrinkage and permeability, <br />reduced heat of hydration, <br />higher ultimate strength, and <br />increased resistance to chemical attack. <br />POLICY: <br />Having considered the presentations and having reviewed the materials presented, the <br />Board hereby adopts the following policy: <br />Fly ash blended with Portland cements is acceptable for grouting water wells. <br />These blended cements shall comply with the standards specified in ASTM <br />Designation C 595, and the fly ash shall comply with the standards specified <br />in ASTM C-618-class C. The water cement ratio for these grout slurries shall <br />not exceed 5 gallons per 86 pound sack of blended cement. <br />Dated this_7,�, �day of 3 a L, s . 1991. <br />k 111 <br />Ken kollin, Chairman <br />Board of Examiners of Water Well <br />Construction and Pump Installation <br />Contractors <br />Ken Rollin. Chairman. Longmont; Paul Berglund. Golden; GeorrggeeMoriwether. Monte Vista; and Clenn A. Bodnar. Denver <br />r7A <br />