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37-64-101. Animas -La Plata project compact. <br />The general assembly hereby ratifies the compact designated as the "Animas -La Plata Project Compact" to which <br />the consent of congress was given by Public Law 90-537, section 501 (c), approved September 30, 1968, by the senate <br />and house of representatives of the United States of America. Said compact is as follows: <br />ANIMAS -LA PLATA PROJECT COMPACT <br />The State of Colorado and the State of New Mexico, in order to implement the operation of the Animas -La Plata <br />Federal Reclamation Project, Colorado -New Mexico, a proposed participating project under the Colorado River <br />Storage Project Act (70 Stat. 105; 43 U.S.C. 620) and being moved by considerations of interstate comity, have <br />resolved to conclude a compact for these purposes and have agreed upon the following articles: <br />ARTICLE I <br />A. The right to store and divert water in Colorado and New Mexico from the La Plata and Animas River systems, <br />including return flow to the La Plata River from Animas River diversions, for uses in New Mexico under the Animas - <br />La Plata Federal Reclamation Project shall be valid and of equal priority with those rights granted by decree of the <br />Colorado state courts for the uses of water in Colorado for that project providing such uses in New Mexico are within <br />the allocation of water made to that state by articles III and XIV of the Upper Colorado River Basin Compact (63 Stat. <br />31). <br />B. The restrictions of the last sentence of Section (a) of Article IX of the Upper Colorado River Basin Compact <br />shall not be construed to vitiate paragraph A of this article. <br />ARTICLE II <br />This Compact shall become binding and obligatory when it shall have been ratified by the legislatures of each of <br />the signatory States. <br />Source: L. 69: p. 1231, § 1. C.R.S. 1963: § 149-13-1. <br />ANNOTATION <br />Am. Jur.2d. See 78 Am. Jur.2d, Waters, §§ 71, 72. <br />C.J.S. See 81A C.J.S., States, §§ 8, 31; 93 C.J.S., Waters, § 10. <br />