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WRITTEN CALL <br />Date: 15 (TQ) <br />To: Alan Martellaro, Division Engineer, Division 5 Water Resources <br />Re: Water Administration of Stream System <br />I, �ou2 &IR 2�Nr- hereby demand the Water Officials of the <br />r` (print name of person requesting) , <br />State of Colorado to administer the water rights ofpi V Ell <br />(stream system) <br />in the priority'system. I am hereby making a "written call" that all-water rights junior to the <br />be curtailed until the full appropriation of <br />(structure and priority number) (amount) <br />which is in priority, be made available for the beneficial use(s) of T&,cgftQtl <br />(use of water) <br />The effective date.and time of the "call" is "Oo � <br />date) (time <br />Written Signature: <br />-y Mailing Address: Pm ( c 68G GA&NoM.E, G glbaa <br />Phone No: 6 3 — amt <br />X63 <br />Please mail this notice to: <br />Division of Water Resources <br />P.O. Box 396 <br />Glenwood Springs, CO 81602 <br />*Or hand deliver to: 202 Center Drive (Located behind the Glenwood Springs Mall) <br />For DWR Office Use Only: Water Commissioner_ <br />►�i7 <br />