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DEPARTMENT OF <br />NATURAL RESOURCES <br />DIVISION OF WATER RESOURCES <br />IMPLEMENTATION OF SUBSECTION 25=8=202(7), C.R.S. <br />2 CCR 4024 <br />EDITOR'S NOTES* <br />Authority Cited: - <br />See page t. <br />History and Amendments: <br />Pp. 1-10 adopted 2/4/92, effective 3/30/92, IS CR 3. <br />gest COPY Available <br />Mix Title Page does not constitute an official part of any regulation. Information contained on the title pane is provided by <br />the Publisher from sources deemed reliable and is solely for informational and historical purposes. See cautionary note in <br />Introductory Materials, Hoer to Use the CCR. <br />cu <br />u <br />L <br />C <br />cr. <br />U. <br />a <br />of <br />u <br />H <br />LL <br />C <br />Z <br />C <br />- <br />v <br />C <br />