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37-65-101. South Platte River compact. <br />The General Assembly hereby approves the compact, designated as the "South Platte River Compact", between the <br />states of Colorado and Nebraska, signed at the City of Lincoln, State of Nebraska, on the 27th day of April, A.D. 1923, <br />by Delph E. Carpenter as the Commissioner for the State of Colorado, under authority of Chapter 243, Session Laws of <br />Colorado, 1921, and Chapter 190, Session Laws of Colorado, 1923, and by Robert H. Willis as the Commissioner for <br />the State of Nebraska, thereunto duly authorized, which said compact is as follows: <br />South Platte River Compact Between <br />The States Of <br />Colorado And Nebraska <br />The State of Colorado and the State of Nebraska, desiring to remove all causes of present and future controversy <br />between said States, and between citizens of one against citizens of the other, with respect to the waters of the South <br />Platte River, and being moved by considerations of interstate comity, have resolved to conclude a compact for these <br />purposes and, through their respective Governors, have named as their commissioners: <br />Delph E. Carpenter, for the State of Colorado; and Robert H. Willis, for the State of Nebraska; who have agreed <br />upon the following articles: <br />Article I <br />In this compact: <br />1. The State of Colorado and the State of Nebraska are designated, respectively, as "Colorado" and "Nebraska". <br />2. The provisions hereof respecting each signatory State, shall include and bind its citizens and corporations and all <br />others engaged or interested in the diversion and use of the waters of the South Platte River in that State. <br />3. The term "Upper Section" means that part of the South Platte River in the State of Colorado above and westerly <br />from the west boundary of Washington County, Colorado. <br />4. The term "Lower Section" means that part of the South Platte River in the State of Colorado between the west <br />boundary of Washington County and the intersection of said river with the boundary line common to the signatory <br />States. <br />5. The term "Interstate Station" means that streams gauging station described in Article 11. <br />6. The term "flow of the river" at the Interstate Station means the measured flow of the river at said station plus all <br />increment to said flow entering the river between the Interstate Station and the diversion works of the Western <br />Irrigation District in Nebraska. <br />Article II <br />1. Colorado and Nebraska, at their joint expense, shall maintain a stream gauging station upon the South Platte <br />River at the river bridge near the town of Julesburg, Colorado, or at a convenient point between said bridge and the <br />diversion works of the canal of the Western Irrigation District in Nebraska, for the purpose of ascertaining and <br />recording the amount of water flowing in said river from Colorado into Nebraska and to said diversion works at all <br />times between the first day of April and the fifteenth day of October of each year. The location of said station may be <br />changed from year to year as the river channels and water flow conditions of the river may require. <br />2. The State Engineer of Colorado and the Secretary of the Department of Public Works of Nebraska shall make <br />