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Division 1, District 4 <br />COLORADO DIVISION OF <br />WATER RESOURCES <br />OEPAfti 1—OFN IN flE9WHCES <br />g CONS" <br />o o <br />7 <br />o <br />an� <br />1 9 37 <br />. �sPo � R <br />gir ^gR� A� <br />CRT <br />zsEiooln CREEK PROJECT 41 <br />HORSE700TH <br />RESERVOIR a>� I T a <br />a el 11 <br />E ( - A tou <br />- - -- <br />D 4155 a <br />CIA <br />IN 5AR <br />R <br />a6 O91e;9 o a IF <br />CLE <br />nom <br />QQ <br />FEE <br />Vo ae10=2 � <br />Rell "FOR <br />IN 4111 <br />CRT NFNs1F <br />PROJECT <br />LAKE <br />ESTES I L T AVEL ANI <br />1 527 <br />o y 0 <br />aW EV li� <br />et� � LL w�AO� <br />k � <br />3 ��T <br />PROJECT <br />NO FAR <br />a nnnt <br />WINRFPCO� <br />AD ORTAL 'N", 'IN <br />ARE POND <br />Colorado la, vision of W—, Resources. Version es of 08l27i2007 <br />Bs David Ellington <br />Net amounts are shown {Absolute+ Conditional). <br />NETT <br />This ding dingrar, is object IN hang, with. t Noti. and is l Par,et and auth t mp) <br />from the records and files of the State 8ugtneer for the State of Colorado Water rights <br />imonna ties and structure inf rmetion included in this diagram are based urn <br />Wcarmakin lwailabe m,he State E. 1 Altwed t be " to 11A,wwer. <br />persons Aeeking to use this diagram in am v legal proceeding are re ponslble for <br />kerify -ing the .,.racy of any- information included in the diagram. <br />OW`fCRSFt[PLN6FX <br />R.4[IBM1f H1)ULOGRII.ARiM}RCY)t;11[RRIGA 111, AND MANt FAII IlmsG 11) <br />cnu w)al seoxot ❑wullco. <br />C£ {SORR CO NS()lIF) ATFDI IOMI)UI11YDITFIANDRFSLRV(JIRCO. <br />C4 r1(I[I COaISTRi <TION (ll <br />110 11,NOt DII II l ) <br />A" IOVt [AN( VI (t[IL[:YI[RI AIING(O(6RIEJI:Y.AO[J)VI:IANO) <br />t I,RC I )I RAN [AA} RI SI RvO1R Hit <br />l.l(d.R tF)k OF N IRR1 AIINL CAN.ALAND RG4i RVIAR CO. <br />PF) IFJ4ATF�wo RSol <br />R,RC RYA NGII'IIRIC[RVJTRC(3 <br />SLR Sa VINLAEA— PIRAIR('O. <br />Ss R $0I I biD} RI51 RAPID IN <br />AS SOLDEARPDITCFtCO <br />PROJECT <br />PIR -WOOD <br />O F F <br />i as12 <br />S CRT <br />30JECT <br />'TER LA cueco oRr eaEEl: <br />ow=N AER <br />ae�b At <br />I OR o FACE R OOC <br />�aeESVO of \ ra;E ell <br />I OF <br />373.R AT 75 <br />PF <br />m o/ <br />EF a EaNn <br />FFgRM ipB <br />to al aH a ro or sN� <br />ae i <br />°a M At <br />PC <br />c ao S a f A o ps <br />ax <br />3' G' <br />oU D <br />B UU11 cN <br />M <br />IN p �aoo HU SP J - <br />a'Oe - - 5a.a I RA <br />be <br />Pee <br />111,21 IF <br />SSRC <br />111 4136 oe sIF o <br />S '121 A <br />S_ _ LANE o <br />A 1137 to MME SU <br />CH PIPELINE TO <br />JONNSTOWN <br />a...... s Atom <br />LFNE111 0., <br />1-11-117 1211 1111 AT ... ls1_ Ev oncn <br />HINDI N,TC, <br />D" CREEP <br />HIETHF 1111101 <br />o2 AT R 04-11 <br />­012 1 = = 1sz£+sbaz000w °0 6 1 <br />- -------------- --- -- i Oaroav <br />___________________ <br />FINE <br />/ <br />A fS C" w�zm <br />A s o e a <br />ANN <br />e8 R N ' 16, <br />1p 6'53 C AI IA 5 <br />a 1110 a e osep Rue o A E <br />somauo s _ o s <br />a`S�NC ae c s o. <br />"i! <br />a ^- <br />Ln <br />N <br />oao 0 5� <br />o, A ,_ " I a23h <br />Ni� N e P S <br />U h 5 - <br />\ <br />\ <br />\ <br />'ER <br />\ Ler <br />os <br />d WATER D1S7RI2iT K) 3 - <br />-1 tHAINAr No. <br />\ caO�. Op 4 <br />u n <br />P <br />BIG THOMPSON RIVER <br />fii / <br />& / <br />s N a � At <br />o / <br />0 \— <br />0..o NUL LIKEN <br />C H IF lm <br />n <br />1595R aUGry DR CH <br />QLJ EA7ENSIOA. <br />In 3612 <br />AT <br />ID HICHOR <br />6 0 <br />G <br />6 R 9i r ^'�a s �W'4TERRI(71I IABLH <br />Nti oRaR <br />H O C D 5 <br />CA <br />avcl.'CCO & �� H 1 186 <br />9vcL'rzco �M1I�TJ 51 1 <br />Q o a1 15 1. 9 Fs 3 i5 1 <br />hcY <br />CE-9- IFECI -F01 ' 52 ES 07-11-1881 Or 5275,00 cF AND 19 P ART , W a PEL NE ERYO R <br />WATEa 01 Ci No. a — — _ — _ — _ — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — RE 14-1913 R CFS <br />WATER nlsiapi N4 s R a R RIVER (FROU 5isl irl <br />? <br />FARONERS FR, CANAL <br />11-11-111 IF' <br />IN 11, 22 <br />PFF <br />EXPLANATION <br />•NAME <br />N oWNERSnv <br />DTT <br />* oa raaaloe <br />�oN�rAw�sRaATaRE <br />O rnrcE <br />nif.t _R it it Vr P.[,.r <br />CREEK NAME <br />Rrce1eAeaIrArloN <br />CBT <br />F RwRI G -TAnox <br />PROJECT <br />Rn.Ef. <br />RESERVOIR <br />PIPEL <br />ID X xx x R FR,, R, Dl <br />O aen.ICAFF - PulxwacoENi <br />S 'INN <br />01 FLIME <br />CCAraaraaArMaNre1AIR <br />? <br />FARONERS FR, CANAL <br />11-11-111 IF' <br />IN 11, 22 <br />PFF <br />