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2020 Real T*ime SWE Reporting <br />CU Boulder <br />© WESTERN WATER <br />ASSESSMENT <br />Im _40 <br />Spatial Estimates of Snow -Water Equivalent [SWE) <br />Intermountain West Region <br />April 1, 2019 <br />Team: Noah Molotch L', Dori Schneider', Leanne L tak', Ursula Rick', Jeff Lukas' <br />' Institute Of Metre and Alpine Research, University Of COlefado Boulder <br />Western Water Assessment, CIRES, University of Colorado Boulder <br />Dote ornalvsrs and m rpproci Leanne iestoa <br />Support for trchnxal deveMpmenc NASA Jet Propulsion Labs tory (JPL) <br />Contact. Leanne.Lesfak:a colorado eda <br />wmmary of current conditions fos of 4/1/19) <br />The modeled snow conditions are much above the 2000-12 average across the Intermountain West domain (Figures 1 & <br />31, with most basins at 140-17M of average. In several basins there are problems with lower -elevation SWE estimates <br />due to necent SnDwfall events that result in extensive snow -cover extending to valley IoeaMns Where measurements are <br />not available. This scenario results in an over -estimation of lower- elevation SWE and in percent of average values. <br />Obvious over esbmatans are noted in Tables 1 and 2, though estimates in other basins may also be affected. Estimates <br />for elevatian bands above 9000' (and above 70W in the Bear River/Weber basins) will generally be more accurate than <br />elevation bands below those eleyatons (see Table 21. <br />will av LJ i `a. d _ <br />figs"J-Exhim dSWE arsrwnfa arson the 4rfermaanf"fn 11r"KMarch xi'"fief[! aro% All] It trip". SW E amounts are high <br />across all Wsnf, but Ye yarn. Warty high in the southern basins. Gonnlson, San Juan, Rio Grande, and Arkamas basins. Northern <br />basins are closer to average lncreases in SWE since Mauch 16a at high elevations (>I0.000] are rndent in all bafim in the April 1` <br />map, whae much of the lower elevatwn srww that was present an March W has mpfted Out OF has lost SWE. <br />NI Is a 1r!�*79t <br />gE <br />• 4 reports starting in March <br />• Last year's reports here: <br /> <br />• Add your name to the email list: <br />Email to: <br />• We'd like to hear from you <br />• Which dates are most useful to <br />you? <br />• Which basins and formats? <br />• What other type of information? <br />Contact: <br /> <br />303492111115802 <br />