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TSTool Documentation <br />Quick Start - 4 <br />Start TSTool <br /> <br />TSTool can be started using the Start… All Programs… CDSS… TSTool-Version menu. At startup <br />TSTool attempts to make a number of connections to databases and web services and will display a <br />message similar to the following figure (below left). Because TSTool is distributed for use with the State <br />of Colorado’s HydroBase database, the following login window will be displayed (below right). The <br />attempt to find HydroBase databases may result in a warning about the Windows firewall. If HydroBase <br />is disabled, as described below, this warning should not display again. <br /> <br /> <br />Unless you have been provided with a HydroBase DVD or have access to HydroBase on a server, you <br />will not be able to select a HydroBase database. Consequently, press Cancel in the above-right dialog <br />and HydroBase features will be disabled. <br /> <br />To disable the HydroBase login from within TSTool, select the Tools…Options menu, select the <br />Enabled Input Types tab and uncheck the HydroBaseEnabled checkbox. Restarting TSTool will then <br />not display the Select HydoBase dialog and firewall warnings should also not be displayed. <br /> <br />Example 1 – Data Browsing and Viewing <br /> <br />After TSTool has finished initializing data connections, the upper part of the main window can be used to <br />browse time series data from various sources. The following figure illustrates the top part of the TSTool <br />main window after query options have been specified and Get Time Series List has been pressed to <br />query time series. Specific user actions are explained below. <br /> <br /> <br />To query time series, first select a Datastore or Input type. Datastores connect to databases and web <br />services. Input types generally access files, such as simple time series data formats or model input and <br />output files. The selection is used only for interactive browsing in the top of the main window. In