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TSTool Documentation Quick Start Guide <br /> Quick Start - 3 <br />Install TSTool <br /> <br />The websites indicated in the previous section provide access to TSTool software installers, which for <br />Windows have names similar to TSTool_CDSS_10.29.00_Setup.exe. Save the installer file on your <br />computer (note that the file is quite large and may take several minutes to download) and then run the <br />installer. You do not need to be an administrator to install TSTool; however, installing as a user with <br />administrator privileges will ensure that the uninstaller works properly in Windows. <br /> <br />It is recommended that you select all the defaults for the installer. The TSTool software installer has been <br />created assuming that you may have access to the State of Colorado’s HydroBase database. <br />Consequently, at the end of the install process you are asked to configure that connection. The defaults <br />are generally OK if you have access to HydroBase. If you don’t have HydroBase installed (or don’t <br />know), skip the step by answering No to the following prompt: <br /> <br /> <br />TSTool will install to a version-specific folder and multiple versions can be installed at the same time. <br />The files install to C:\CDSS\TSTool-Version and a start menu is created: All Programs… CDSS… <br />TSTool-Version. In both cases the version is something like 10.29.00. <br /> <br />TSTool installers for Linux are available for some versions and Linux and Mac installers will be more <br />accessible in the future as resources are allocated to testing on these operating systems. <br /> <br />