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TSTool Documentation Release Notes <br /> Release Notes - 5 <br />Changes in Version 10.2 1 .00 <br /> <br /> Bug Fix [10.21.00] The F illRegression () command in the previous version was not p roperly <br />h andling confidence interval and zero intercept, resulting in filling not occurring. This has been <br />fixed . A work -around was to specify a non -blank confidence interval. <br /> Bug Fix [10.21.00] The WriteTableToDelimitedFile () command was not listing available <br />tables to write. This has been fixed. <br /> Bug Fix [10.21.00] T ime series that used NaN for missing were also treating -999 as missing. O nly <br />NaN is now treated as missing for such time series . <br /> Bug Fix [10.21.00] The ReadTableFromExce l () command that used <br />ExcelI ntegerColumns always returned 1. The actual numeric value is now returned. The <br />command also has been enhanced to read additional rows t o determine column data types when the <br />first row contained blanks. <br /> Bug Fix [10.21.00] TSTool would allow a command file to be opened while the current commands <br />are running, leading to the interface being unresponsive. A dialog now warns the user, allowing them <br />to return to the current commands or let the existing commands run in the background. <br /> Change [10.21.00] The F illRegressio n () command n ow outputs all relevant statistics to the <br />output statistics table , and functionality is co mplete as per the documentation. Many of the new <br />enhancements were implemented to allow consistency with the FillMixedStation() c ommand. <br /> Change [10.21.00] The CopyTable () command now provides the DistinctColumns <br />parameter to allow copying distinct values from one table to another . The ColumnFilters <br />parameter allows rows to be copied only when column values match a pattern . <br /> Change [10.21.00] The NewTimeSeries () command now allows initializing the time series with <br />random values, useful for testing or prototyping. <br /> Ch ange [10.21.00] The ManipulateTableString () command now provides the Replace <br />parameter to replace a substring in a table column. <br /> Change [10.21.00] The ExpandTemplateFile () command now provides the <br />OutputProperty parameter to set the result to a processor p roperty. <br /> Change [10.21.00] The ReadTableFromDataStore () command now allows ${Property} <br />to be used in the SQL, to utilize processor properties. <br /> Change [10.21.00] The TableToTimeSeries () command now allows reading time series <br />metadata from additional columns in the table. A bug was fixed that prevented handling dates as <br />integer years. <br /> New Feature [10.21.00] The FormatTableString () command has been added to provide <br />flexibility in formatting strings in table columns . <br /> New Feature [10.21.00] The AnalyzeNetworkPo intFlow () command has been added to <br />perform a “point flow” analysis on a network of nodes and links. <br /> New Feature [10.21.00] The AppendTable () command has been added. <br /> New Feature [10.21.00] The ReadTimeSeriesList () command has been added to read <br />multiple ti me series using a table of metadata as input. <br /> New Feature [10.21.00] The WriteTimeSeriesToDataStore () command has been added to <br />write time series to a database datastore (under development).