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TSTool Documentation Release Notes <br /> Release Notes - 3 <br />TSTool <br />Version <br /> <br />Summary of Changes in Version <br />Release <br />Date <br />8.15.01 – <br />8.15.03 <br />Fix a number of problems where migration of commands from fixed <br />parameter to named parameter syntax resulted in some old command <br />f iles not being handled. The command file is also now marked as <br />modified if any commands are automatically updated. Added more <br />error checks, such as in DateValue file reading to help provide better <br />feedback to users. <br />2008 -06 -11 <br />8.13.00 – <br />8.14.02 <br />Add co mmands to set properties, for use by other commands (e.g., to <br />configure file names). Continue updating commands to utilize the new <br />error handling. <br />2008 -02 -20 <br />8.03.00 – <br />8.12.06 <br />Update many commands to utilize new error handling and consistently <br />handle the TSList parameter. Add ensemble processing to many <br />commands. Enable ability for read commands to run in discovery <br />mode to let other commands know time series identifiers. Add more <br />commands to compute statistics time series. <br />2008 -01 -14 <br />8.00.00 – <br />8.02.00 <br />Update main interface to use new error -handling visualization features. <br />Add several commands to allow TSTool to perform regression tests on <br />itself. <br />2007 -12 -03 <br />7.04.00 Various updates for HydroBase including adding support for <br />administrative flow station . Allow reading StateMod rights files and <br />handle new StateCU file formats. <br />2007 -06 -22 <br />7.01.00 Support new SFUT(G) coding for HydroBase diversion classes, and <br />allow CIU when filling diversion data. Fix a number of bugs in the <br />analyzePattern(), fillInterp olate(), and <br />cumulate() commands <br />2007 -03 -02 <br />7.00.00 Begin distributing software using a new installer. Add CASS <br />livestock data and human population data. <br />2006 -10 -31 <br />6.19.00 Update to extend period when filling with diversion comments. 2006 -05 -19 <br />6.18.0 0 Add the runCommands() command to facilitate data processing. 2006 -05 -02 <br />6.17.00 Add the compareFiles() command to facilitate testing. 2006 -04 -17 <br />6.16.02 Begin adding commands to test data, for alarms. 2006 -04 -17 <br />6.16.01 Time series to map link is enab led. Improve UNC support. Improve <br />startup performance in batch mode. <br />2006 -02 -16 <br />6.16.00 Begin adding support for NDFD (National Digitial Forecast Database) <br />input type, and maintenance. <br />2006 -01 -31 <br />6.15.00 Begin adding time series to map link. 2006 -01 -16 <br />6.14.00 Update some commands to named parameter notation, and <br />maintenance. <br />2005 -12 -14 <br />6.13.00 Internal release. 2005 -11 -13 <br />6.12.00 Improve error handling when running in batch mode with graphs. 2005 -10 -05 <br />6.11.00 Enable the ColoradoSMS input type for hydrograph annotations and <br />update batch mode features to better utilize the CDSS configuration <br />file. <br />2005 -10 -05 <br />6.10.09 Maintenance release – convert some commands to use named <br />parameters. <br />2005 -09 -28 <br />6.10.08 Maintenance release – convert some commands to use named <br />parameters. Add the newStatisticYearTS() command. <br />2005 -09 -22