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When calculating a water balance, one of the inflow, outflow, or change in storage components <br />must be designated as the Residual. StateWB calculates the residual as the inflows less the <br />outflows plus /minus change in storage: <br />Residual = Inflows — Outflows +/- Change in Storage <br />The residual can be used to estimate an unknown water budget component or group of <br />components. In addition, it can be used to determine how sensitive the water budget is to a <br />single water budget component or to a group of components. StateWB allows more than one <br />water budget component to be missing from the input data set. The sum of all missing <br />components is included in the calculated residual. <br />The StateWB tool is also used to generate the CU and Losses Summary and Report. The CU and <br />Losses Summary summarizes the consumptive use associated with agriculture, livestock, <br />reservoir and stockpond evaporation, municipal use, mineral uses, thermal electric power <br />generation, and exported water for a specific user - specified basin. The CU and Losses Report <br />summarizes these consumptive uses specifically for the Colorado River basin within the State of <br />Colorado. The individual basins for which the analysis is performed include the White, Yampa, <br />Gunnison, Upper Colorado, and San Juan /Dolores River basins. The CU and Losses Report can <br />be used as a comparison to the U.S. Bureau of Reclamation report on Consumptive Use and <br />Losses in the Colorado River Basin required by the Upper Colorado River Compact. The StateWB <br />tool requires input files for each of these consumptive use components, then generates the <br />report by inserting the consumptive use data into a document template and generating the <br />supporting graphs. <br />1.2 Installation <br />To install StateWB, copy the Access database and the CU and Losses Report document to the <br />same directory location. The directory may be on a local hard drive or on a server. The two <br />State WB files include: <br />• CDSS WB and CUandLossesTool.mdb <br />• CULOSS linkedreport.doc <br />Page 5 <br />